Philippines: Fascist President Duterte Orders ‘Shoot to Kill’ for Anyone Leaving Home to Protest

By Patrick Gill

Rodrigo Duterte, the fascist President of the Philippines, claims to have issued ‘shoot to kill’ orders to the military directed against anyone violating isolation orders. 

Several clashes and arrests have already taken place in Manila where the masses have risen to protest the government for food aid. In response to the starving people, Duterte promised to “bury them” in a televised address.

The Philippines is a nation oppressed by both Chinese social-imperialism (imperialism that claims to be socialist) and US imperialism. With many living in poverty, their conditions are only made worse by the deepening economic crisis.  According to Philippine Revolution Web Central, Duterte has “resorted to blaming the Left for the growing restiveness in a vain attempt to cover up his government’s failure to address the urgent public health and socio-economic crisis.”