Austin: Working Women Speak Out Against the Abortion Ban

By Clyde Birkenstock

Yesterday a group of working women led by members of Popular Women’s Movement took to the overpass at Martin Luther King BLVD and Interstate Highway 35 to denounce the abortion ban put in place by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The ban uses the current pandemic to attack the rights of working women by declaring reproductive rights like abortions an “unnecessary service.”

One demonstrator emphasized the importance of fighting for women’s reproductive rights during the stay at home order issued by the Governor, “we are going to fight for the people regardless of what the state wants us to do” she told the Tribune.

As the women took the bridge they chanted loudly, “working women give em hell, it is right to rebel!” vehicles honked in support and passing motorists slowed down to ask questions. Most of the support came from those still working driving large trucks.

According to a spokeswoman from PWM, they were rallying opposition to Abbott and Paxton, who “use the Coronavirus to drag women backwards.” She continued, “banning abortions does not stop abortions, much like closing the borders does not stop crossings, it just makes it more dangerous.”

Some attendees voiced concerns about women being forced to give birth during the economic crisis and the viral pandemic, the PWM spokeswoman addressed their concerns, “abortions are an essential surgery and to force women to give birth during such a health and economic crisis is a crime against women.”

PWM and their supporters continue to show that it is both possible and necessary to take to the streets when women’s rights are under attack.  


Gov Abbott is exploiting the crisis! Fight the abortion ban now!