Sanders Failed ‘Political Revolution’ is a Call to Organize for Socialist Revolution


Sanders’ “political revolution” has failed for the second time. His supporters, regardless of their political orientation, should not see this as a reason to despair or mourn his candidacy. Ending his presidential race on Wednesday does two things, it clears the way for the demented reactionary Joe Biden, as well as highlights the fact that Sanders is not qualified as a genuine or capable fighter, incapable of even serving his own base.

It should now be clear that his candidacy was the furthest thing from a revolution, it did not represent real socialism. It was simply trying to take the masses backwards into the marsh of the Democratic Party and the bankrupt electoral process, which is fully controlled by the Imperialist ruling class, who now present the masses with the empty choices of the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump or the deteriorating Joe Biden.

Super Tuesday results as well as other moves by the Democratic Party indicate that they know the limitations of Biden to actually stand up in a race against Trump, meaning that they prefer another four years of Trump to a potential win from Sanders. In a repeat of the 2016 elections, the Democrats tirelessly sidelined Sanders to push an establishment candidate with no real ability to defeat Trump. This is because the Democrats fear their own party’s future under a Sanders presidency and they can raise more money with the opposition in the White House. Sanders, a phony socialist, is still too far to the ‘left’ for the backwards Democratic Party.

Instead of pushing back against the imperialist maneuvers during this time of economic and health crisis, Bernie shrunk into irrelevancy, no match for the hysteria generated by the ruling class over COVID-19 to distract the people from an economy in freefall. While Bernie warned against ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’ his solutions only ever amounted to preserving the very system that creates them while putting a mask of watered-down social democracy on top of it.

Some Sanders supporters, just as they did in 2016, will go over to the Trump camp on the basis of their detest for Biden and due to the way the Democratic Party handled the Sanders campaign, as well as the party’s incorrigible deafness toward its base. Still, the majority of the people see electoral politics under capitalism for what it is, a farce with no legitimacy and so they do not vote.

In this regard, Sanders’ inevitable capitulation to imperialism should not make his previous supporters discouraged from the struggle, they should instead come to support the struggle for socialism by other means, outside of the system that has systematically betrayed them.

It is time for a sober look at reality. US elections do not serve the majority of the people in the country, only the owning class and particularly the most elite among them. They offer nothing to the people of the world except more plunder, oppression, and humiliation. Electoral politics have proven themselves inept and impossible at implementing social and economic change of any worthwhile quality.

Revolutionaries in the US and worldwide boycott the bourgeois electoral farce. This comes from a clear understanding of who they serve. They are nothing but swamps that trap people in the false ideas that this system can be reformed or given a conscience.

Take up a post in the struggle for socialist revolution, the system is not going to give you socialism peacefully, you must take it if you desire it badly enough.

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