Week in Struggle: April 3-9


League of Poor Peasants protesting in Brazil

Struggles around water continue as residents in the rural Alto Moura neighborhood, in Caruaru, erected flaming barricades. The people regularly face water outages, now made worse by the Coronavirus pandemic. In spite of the lack of water services, the water company continues billing people the full amount.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the Brazilian peasantry and made their already hard lives worse. The League of Poor Peasants (LCP) explains that, “The Coronavirus pandemic that has spread around the world with more than one million infected, threatening the lives of the poorest populations, fully demonstrates that the unburied corpse of imperialism, the upper and last phase of capitalism, has no place in humanity. Enough!”

LCP goes on to highlight the role of the rich in infecting poor populations through their access to global travel for leisure and business, “It was the rich who brought the Coronavirus to Brazil. Traders or tourists traveling abroad.”


The Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the Malkangiri and Koraput districts of Odisha is said by the Hindustan Times, a reactionary newspaper, to have announced a unilateral ceasefire due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They further claim that according to a spokesman for the Party, they will “shun violence” during this period. While the reactionary Indian State assaults and shoots the masses that are forced to leave their homes to acquire sustenance, the CPI (Maoist) spokesman allegedly calls for “social-distancing” in “solidarity with the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.”

According to the progressive French newspaper La Cause Du Peuple, “The Maoists support the containment put in place by the Indian government in order to prevent the transmission of the virus”

A decision which appears in contradiction with their recent activity of escalating the People’s War. According to the reaction, the Maoists in India have stopped fighting to allow government relief efforts and so that they can “social-distance.”


Charlotte. Last weekend, the office of Klutts Property Management was hit with a poster announcing the rent strike, and red paint. Elsewhere in the city graffiti reading, “Proletarians of All Countries Unite” was also seen.

Rent strike, no rent, no back rent
Proletarians of all countries unite

Austin. Tenant’s struggles and the rent strike continue to advance. Graffiti has been seen all over the city promoting International Workers Day, the demand for wages for those who have lost work, and promoting the rent strike.

Give us work or give us wages!
International Workers Day, May 1
May 1, Combat and Resist!
Rent Strike
US imperialism is the virus, socialist revolution is the cure
They don’t pay, we don’t pay!
US imperialism is the real virus, socialist revolution is the cure!
No rent without work or wages, rent strike