75 Years Ago the Nazis were Crushed by the Mighty Red Army

By Ed Dalton

April 30 marked the 75th anniversary of the Red Army’s march into Berlin, a victory not only for the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR), but for the workers of the world as well. The victorious Red Army advanced upon Berlin and raised the red hammer and sickle flag over the Reichstag.

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide upon being surrounded by the Red Army. Hitler, like other reactionaries committed his last act of robbery by putting a bullet in his own head, to prevent the masses and the Communists from executing the people’s justice. All reactionaries are the same, if you do not hit them they will not fall.

The Red Army would proclaim total victory over the fascist menace days later on May 9, led by Comrade Stalin, at that time the leader of the world proletarian revolution. He remarked in his victory speech, “Now we can state with full justification that the historic day of the final defeat of Germany, the day of the great victory of our people over German imperialism has come.”

Comrade Stalin explained that the fascist army had been dishonest in all their dealings, seeing treaties and agreements as mere scraps of paper, but the fact that Hitler’s genocidal schemes were coming to an end were proven with the surrender of the Nazi army en masse. Stalin was an unwavering champion of the workers of the world and although he made mistakes, he is correctly regarded by all genuine Communists as one of the greatest teachers of Marxism and that he was mainly good.

US imperialists dismiss historical events to overstate their own role in defeating Germany, however the truth is that the US was never an actor in the people’s defense, but in their own ambitions for plunder. The real credit goes to the International Communist Movement, led by the USSR under Stalin, history cannot be modified to suit modern imperialist interests. Glory to Comrade Stalin, defender of the world’s people, the great defeater of the fascist menace! Glory to the Red Army and the heroic masses who waged indomitable war!

In the words of Stalin: “Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the struggle against the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!”

The people of the world owe the utmost respect to the people of the former USSR for this victory.