Austin: City Hall Targeted by Revolutionary Graffiti

By Jakob Stein

On the morning of Tuesday, April 28, red graffiti was seen in two prominent areas on Austin’s City Hall, with messages promoting International Workers’ Day and denouncing US imperialism, as well as red paint splashed across the front doors. The action is a bold demonstration of local revolutionaries’ organization and daring.

One message read, “May 1, International Workers Day” along with a hammer and sickle, while on the front auditorium steps, the message read, “US Imperialism is the Virus, Socialist Revolution is the Cure.”

Bourgeois news organizations that had assembled to cover the city council’s updates on their coronavirus response were the first to report on the vandalism early in the morning. The local Fox News affiliate offered an educational explanation of the hammer and sickle, stating it is “used to represent proletarian solidarity. The symbol was used during the Russian Revolution, with the hammer representing the workers and the sickle representing the peasants.”

The action was unavoidable and could not be ignored, and bourgeois media has aided in broadcasting unfiltered revolutionary messages to the masses of Austin.

Austin police have released security footage of “persons of interest,” but the footage shows no distinguishable individuals. They are more embarrassed that such a prominent government building was so easily targeted with revolutionary propaganda.

Over the past month of shelter-in-place orders, Austin’s revolutionaries have been busy painting the town red with anti-imperialist slogans and carrying out actions to promote International Workers’ Day. These slogans are everywhere in the proletarian neighborhoods and revolutionaries continue to raise the call for workers to unite against the imperialist system which brings oppression and misery to the world’s people.