International Workers’ Day Across the World


Report from La Cause du Peuple: “This first of May is obviously different from the others, confinement has meant that there are no big union and political parades. But that did not stop the Young Revolutionaries from carrying out actions across the French state with the release of banners and the posting of messages on windows. [The following is a] compilation of actions seen everywhere (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Paris, Aubervilliers, Nantes, Clermont-Ferrand, Bordeaux, Caen, Rennes, but also in the countryside, in the Lot et Garonne).”


Excerpt from Dem Volke Dienen: “the Maoists in the FRG, strongly inspired by the basic guidelines of the joint international declaration of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations, differentiated tactics. Such as the participation in the organization of demonstrations and rallies that denounce the state of emergency and how the German imperialist state is overriding its own constitution, in particular by negating the freedom of assembly. As well as the organization of rallies in proletarian quarters and participation in all forms of struggle by the masses. In addition, the comrades raised the red flag with hammer and sickle in different cities…”

“These actions were carried out in a context in which the yellow unions canceled all their demonstrations (and replaced them with a bad joke: ‘online protests!’) And the initiatives and protests were mainly carried out by the so-called “extra-parliamentary left.” Very few demonstrations were carried out and the ones in Leipzig, Magdeburg, Munich, and Stuttgart are therefore noteworthy positive examples. It was also very good that the ‘evening demos’ and activities, even with strong limitations, could be carried out in Berlin and Hamburg. Many smaller rallies were held across the country. Nevertheless, it should be noted that many are still in a kind of shock and do not know how to continue.”

May Day Demonstration in Bremen


Norwegian revolutionaries held demonstrations around the country, in some cases they burned the flag of US imperialism, and in others they flew banners with slogans like, “Workers of the World Unite!”and “Combat and Resist!” They also held gatherings at the graves of Norwegian revolutionaries like Ottar Lie and Knut Olai Thornæs to honor their contributions to the working-class movement in the country.


Report from Antifascist Infoblatt: “In large parts of the federal territory there were numerous demonstrations, rallies and actions in defense of the 1st of May! A total of thousands showed that they are not intimidated, that they exercise their rights and the struggle for their interests and goals in a self-organized manner while maintaining their health.”


Revolutionary activists in Gothenburg, Eskilstuna, Uppsala, and Stockholm raised banners in support of the ongoing People’s Wars in Turkey, the Philippines, Peru, and India, respectively. Various groups of left-wing activists also held a demonstration in Gothenburg denouncing imperialism and calling for international solidarity.


Revolutionaries in Finland commemorated May 1 by gathering at memorials dedicated to those who died in the 1918 Wokers’ Revolution in Turku and Tampere. Activists gave political speeches for International Workers’ Day, displayed red flags with the hammer and sickle, and carried the photographs of Chairman Gonzalo, Dr. Sernas Garcia, and Taita Manuel. They also carried out a banner drop demanding work or wages, and condemning the government’s repressive measures in response to the coronavirus.

“Combat and Resist!”


Excerpt from Socialistisk Revolution: “In the name of the day and class, revolutionaries went on the streets to spread propaganda about the current fascist dry run in Denmark, as well as of the great Joint International Declaration by the Communist Parties and Organizations around the world. A flyer was distributed and the revolutionaries hoisted the red banner with the golden hammer and sickle, the symbol of Communism. And despite attempts by the Police to scare the revolutionaries, despite the hysteria surrounding the ‘mass quarantine,’ despite the fascist attempts at provocation, despite the cowardice of the trade union leaders – despite all this, the revolutionaries chose to fight.”


Report from Periodica El Pueblo: “We were sent this tribute made earlier today, May 1, which consisted of restoring the monument to [Historical Chilean Revolutionary Luis Emilio] Recabarren in the Almagro Park in Santiago, placing red flags and a clear and direct message: Retake Recabarren! Down with revisionism! The activists withdrew from the scene raising slogans to the International Workers’ Day, a warm greeting to the international proletariat and to the oppressed peoples of the world.”

“Retake Recabarren! Down with revisionism!”


Defying stay at home orders, the Defense Front for Worker’s Rights-Imbabura (FDDT-I), rallied at the city’s obelisk on May Day in honor of the international proletariat. One FDDT-I member at the rally stated, “It is egregious that the apparatus of which we are the fundamental base, the backbone of companies, want to push the burden of this pandemic, launched by the imperialist countries, onto the working class. We are here as brave working men and women, driven by rage to remember and commemorate this combative proletarian May Day. We are here to tell this government that the only thing it has done is ally itself with the comprador bourgeoisie, bankers, large landowners (terratenientes), with those who are always exploiting the worker,” the member ended her speech with “Long live a class conscious and combative May Day! Long live a proletarian May Day!” Demonstrators chanted slogans like, “Through struggle, freedoms and rights are conquered,” and “Save for power, everything is illusory!” 


Excerpt from A Nova Democracia: “In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), the Coletivo Revolucionário Carcará (CRC) carried out a successful propaganda action in Fortaleza, with the objective of commemorating the passing of the glorious May 1 – International Workers’ Day, cynically called ‘Labor Day’ by the big bourgeoisie and its media monopolies”

“Residents of the Benfica and Rodolfo Teófilo neighborhoods, as well as the workers, workers and passers-by who passed through the region had been able to view two banners with the following slogans: May the rich pay for the virus! and Live the 1st of May! It is right to rebel!

“Long Live May 1st, It is Right to Rebel!”
“May the rich pay for the virus!”


In addition to the combative May Day march in Austin, there were gatherings and actions in recognition of a red May Day in various parts of the US.

In Pittsburgh, activists and community gathered to celebrate May Day and rally for rent strike campaigns.

In Los Angeles, graffiti was seen in celebration of May 1 at Macarthur park, as well as a hammer and sickle painted on the highway exit sign for the Boyle Heights barrio.

A revolutionary youth sent images of his handmade posters in support of May Day and against US imperialism.

In Charlotte, tenants on Rent Strike celebrated May Day as they protested against their management.

To me, May Day is an affirmation that the people who hold the real power in society are the masse. It is our labor that turns the world, and it is our labor that has been hijacked by the imperialists against our own interest. IWD is a testament to the scientific analysis of Karl Marx, that class struggle is the driving force of social change. With the contributions of Vladimir Lenin and Chairman Mao, we are in a position to transform society.