Week in Struggle: May 8-14


This month the Popular Revolutionary Educational Front issued a statement celebrating the 12 year anniversary of its formation. The following is an unofficial translation of an excerpt from the statement:

“The working people, today more than ever, must be organized and ready to fight for their rights for the reconstruction of a more just and humane society. For many years, our governments have inundated us with a capitalist, inhuman ideology that only cares about the economic gains that they can take advantage of in a crisis situation.

Since its foundation, the Popular Revolutionary Educational Front has suffered harassment and intimidation from a capitalist and predatory system that has tried at various times to end our noble struggle. However, we managed to benefit sectors such as education, the peasant, micro-business and the teaching profession, among others, in order to contribute to the formation of a more just and humane society for the popular masses. 

Our social organization will always be on the side of the working class, today more than ever we demonstrate unity, class consciousness and promote the values ​​that help us get ahead as a society.”


Popular activists have continued forming Sanitary Committees for Popular Defense across the country, with new committees forming in Campina Grande, Recife, and Bahia. The committees have taken up the task of fighting against the poor economic and health conditions exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic by agitating against the old state’s continued dismantling of public health system as well as the deficient system of “emergency aid” which forces unemployed workers into long lines, confusion, and humiliation. The committees have also worked to stem the spread of the virus by distributing masks and hand sanitizer to some of the poorest communities.

The popular organization People’s Dawn issued a statement in defense of university autonomy as well as the health of the people generally. The following is an unofficial translation of an excerpt from the statement:

“At this moment, it is necessary to use all the forces to confront head on the premeditated genocide of the coronavirus, putting universities to work for the health of the people, and the brazen dismantling of education, whose main target is currently their autonomy. No to distance learning! No dismissal of education professionals! No to the privatist lies! Only the people can get rid of these evils, based on their conscious and collective organization. In the countryside and in the city, form Sanitary Committees for Popular Defense to boost the response to the pandemic and resist the old state’s excesses! From universities and schools, support such initiatives acting as a sounding board, collecting materials, carrying out politicization, allocating resources.”

“In defense of the people’s health: Neither Bolsonaro, nor Mourão! Out with the reactionary armed forces! Long live revolution!”


In the city of Bremen, activists held a rally to commemorate the 75 year anniversary of the Soviet victory over German fascism. The following is an excerpt from the speech given by the Red Collective Bremen:

“Even now, especially during the so-called Corona crisis, which is actually an overproduction crisis, a crisis of the imperialist system, it becomes very clear what the bourgeoisie thinks of its own rights and laws. They show that civil liberties and democratic rights for them are not worth a damn and trample basic laws with their actions and state of emergency. They show that bourgeois democracy and fascism are two sides of the same coin.

The peoples of the world and the international proletariat should now put all of these things out of their heads. But we cannot accept that, comrades! History has shown us that the only way to be free from imperialism is through armed struggle. Led by the proletariat and by his party, the Communist Party. It is our duty to reconstitute the Communist Party in this country and to make our contribution to the proletarian world revolution.”


Charlotte. Activists carried out a banner drop targeting the reactionary Brazilian state and US imperialism, reading “Down with Bolsonaro and US imperialism, support the struggle in Brazil.”

Signs promoting the towing company which harasses the tenants at Ponderosa Apartments were vandalized with graffiti, reflecting one of the tenants’ demands for the company to stop predatory towing. Tenants also reported seeing a large poster on the door of the leasing office which read, “stop the rent hikes.”

Wall paintings promoting the election boycott campaign were also seen around the city, with the slogans, “Elections no! Revolution yes!” and “Don’t vote, fight for revolution.”

Austin. Graffiti was seen denouncing the police murder of Mike Ramos, with slogans like, “Fight back against police violence,” and, “Pigs murdered Mike Ramos.”

Elsewhere in the city, tenants at Spanish Trails apartment complex led an action where they confronted property management as part of the citywide rent strike. They presented their demands including an immediate stoppage to rent, the cancellation of late fees, as well as reimbursement for gas and water shutoffs, among other demands.

Graffiti promoting the election boycott was also seen around the city, with slogans like “Elections no! Revolution yes!” and “Death to US imperialism.”