International Actions for the 40th Anniversary of the People’s War in Peru

The following are images from the US and Europe celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Initiation of Armed Struggle in Peru (also known as Inició la Lucha Armada – ILA).

United States

“Long Live the People’s War in Peru! 40 Years of Armed Struggle! Viva PCP! Viva la Guerra Popular en Peru! 40 Años de Lucha Armada!”


“Glory to the Peruvian People’s War! 40 Years, Long Live the PCP!”


“Long Live 40 Years of People’s War in Peru!”


Editor’s Note: here ‘Sol Rojo’ is a reference to a fake site purporting to represent the PCP, not a reference to Maoists in Mexico or Ecuador.

“Fight, Isolate, and Crush the Police Conspiracy ‘Sol Rojo!'”