Week in Struggle: May 15-21


Over the past week, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has struck several blows to the old Indian state near the border between Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.

Based on reports from the ruling class media in India, revolutionary news source Dem Volke Dienen reports:

“On May 20, combatants blocked a road near Kulbhatti-Gajamendha in north Gadchiroli-District with tree trunks and a banner, denouncing the murder of a comrade by reactionary forces, stopping a convoy of trucks. After the evacuation of the drivers, the PLGA torched the four vehicles.”

“Only a few hours later a the PLGA attacked a Forest Department office in the same area. The Forest Department is heavily involved in the exploitation of people and nature, as well as in the reclamation of the forest to fight the People’s War. The attackers also left a banner behind.”

“Just three days before, two police officers were killed in the forest of Poyarkothi and Koparshi at Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border in south Gadchiroli, including a high ranked sub inspector, four additional police officers were wounded. The reactionary forces had already been on a search operation in the forest for two days when they got ambushed by members of the PLGA. Apparently, the attackers were able to retreat without any losses.”

There have also been reports from police intelligence that the CPI (Maoist) is recruiting unemployed migrant workers traveling home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in the Balaghat, Mandla and Dindori regions. As operations in the aforementioned regions resume, a military helicopter was hit by Maoist guerrillas on May 15, seriously injuring one soldier.

Maoists have also burned tree stumps in Mandala to warn villagers and forest officials not to cut down trees to show their presence in the area. In the handwritten papers signed by the “Bodla Regional Committee,” which was nailed to the trees, “The continuous cutting of the trees has led to mass migration of the villagers. This situation also endangers the human existence,” and emphasized that no tree can be cut without permission and workers cannot be employed at very low wages.


In anticipation of a visit from Herr Teich, the (now former) Minister of Health, to the Federal Hospital of Bonsucesso in Rio de Janeiro, the Class Movement in Defense of the People’s Health (Moclaspo), along with other progressive groups, held a demonstration to denounce the government’s criminal neglect of federal hospitals, where hundreds of beds are closed due to lack of personnel and equipment.

“General quarantine to not get sick, minimum income to survive, beds for everyone not to die!”
“Bolsonaro/generals, 13,500 dead, you are guilty”


The Workers’ Defense Front of Imbabura held an action in Ibarra which mobilized workers, poor peasants, class conscious students, and the masses to condemn the so-called ‘Humanitarian Law’ and latest measures of the Moreno regime that aim to reduce public workers’ salaries by up to 25% and gradually eliminate fuel subsidies.

The demonstrators marched along the main roads of the city to the residence of the Assemblyman for CREO (‘Creating Opportunities’ political party), Marcelo Simbaña, as a display of rejection and deep class hatred for having been part of those miserable people who voted in favor of the ‘Humanitarian Law’ in a clear declaration of war on workers.


This week, revolutionary organization Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo announced the launch of a new unified website for the popular organizations and unions in Oaxaca. The platform includes Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE, a combative union of revolutionary education workers, and signifies the further building of unity among the social movement in the state of Oaxaca.

Sol Rojo reports that the launch “is a first new step towards the unity of the people, with anti-fascist and anti-capitalist formations, within the framework of the new reactionary offensive underway with the militarization of the country in the midst of the pandemic of the COVID19.”

United States

San Marcos. On Monday May 18, activists held a protest against the reopening of eviction courts outside of the Hays County Government Center, which includes the Municipal Court of San Marcos. The protesters represented organizations such as Rent Strike SMTX, Brown Berets San Marcos, and Defend Our Hoodz – Austin, among others. The demonstration included speeches and chants like, “No work no work no work means no rent! Fight fight fight against management!”

Austin. Graffiti was seen denouncing Luke Denman, one of the US mercenaries recently captured in a failed coup attempt against the Venezuelan government, in the wealthy neighborhood of Westlake where Denman grew up. The failed coup was led by the reactionary camp surrounding Venezuelan opposition politician and lackey of US imperialism, Juan Guaidó, and included veterans of the US imperialist military hired as mercenaries.

“Denounce Luke Denman, Terrorist and Agent of US Imperialism. Solidarity with the People of Venezuela.”

Earlier in the week, a protest was held outside Austin Police Department Headquarters against the murder of Mike Ramos, an unarmed man gunned down by APD in the Riverside Neighborhood in Southeast Austin. The demonstration included two activists dressed in police uniforms and pig masks, representing Christopher Taylor (the officer who shot Ramos) and Mitchell Piper (the officer who first escalated the situation by firing a beanbag at him), who were later subjected to a mock trial and pelted with eggs filled with red paint. Read the full report here.

Down the street from where he was shot, graffiti appeared reading, “APD are murderers! Fight for Mike Ramos!”Other graffiti had slogans like, “Christopher Taylor, twice a murderer” and “Fight back against police violence!”

“APD are murderers! Fight for Mike Ramos!”
“Christopher Taylor, twice a murderer”

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti promoting the election boycott was also seen with the slogans, ‘Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!”

Los Angeles. This week a banner was dropped over the US-101 highway in downtown Los Angeles promoting the election boycott reading, “No vote, luche por la revolución (Don’t vote, fight for revolution),” accompanied by a hammer and sickle.

Charlotte.  Community members and activists marched for Aaron Winchester, who was murdered on May 20, 2008 by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Aaron’s family and friends march every year on the anniversary of his death, demanding justice for his murder and denouncing the racist police in Charlotte. Demonstrators carried signs reading, “Long Live Aaron Winchester” and “Combat and Resist CMPD.”