Los Angeles: Community Protests Police Murder at District Attorney’s Home

By Felipe Vera

The family of Alex Flores and revolutionary organization Serve the People-Los Angeles held a demonstration in front of the home of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey on May 23. 

Alex Flores was murdered by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on November 19, 2019 in South Central after police claimed he was moving towards them with a knife. At this time, only a clip of the video has been released and the family has been demanding that all footage to be released. For two months following his murder, the Flores family held daily protests at the Newton Community Police Station, and in the following months have continued the protests at the station every Friday. 

This past weekend, the family decided to bring the protest to District Attorney Lacey’s home. In March, protesters with Black Lives Matter came to her front door and her husband pulled a gun on the activists. Prior to their arrival, several police officers had blocked off the driveway, some of whom were guarding the home. The family and activists, along with danzantes (dancers in indigenous garb), marched to the home chanting, “How many bodies? Over five hundred! How many indictments? None!” and “If Jackie Lacey won’t indict, to your door we will fight!” 

Amanda Flores, Alex’s sister, gave a speech stating, “Alex came from a hard working class family… he would always look out for his loved ones and community… Police! You motherfuckers want to make Alex look as if he was a fucking criminal! He was not that! You guys are the fucking criminals in our community!” The family had read out their demands in front of Lacey’s property demanding the indictment of Steven Ruiz, the police officer who murdered Alex, the release of all video footage and his personal belongings, and full compensation for his death, including payment for his funeral and burial services. 

While Lacey did not come out of her home guarded by police, the family and activists chanted “We’ll be back!” as they left the property. The Flores family plans to continue their protests every Friday of the week in front of the Newton station.