Oxnard: Tenants and Activists Protest Slumlord at Office

By Nico Sanchez

Local tenants and activists from Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group held a protest at the offices of slumlord Danny Belitski on Tuesday, in response to his poor treatment of tenants and threats of eviction.

Protesters chanted, “No more leaks, no more cracks – give us our deposit back!” to denounce the slumlord’s refusal to return a $3,400 deposit to a local elementary school teacher and single mother named Maya, who is currently facing eviction.

Despite multiple requests to repair broken pipes, water leaks, mold, and termite infestation in her home, the property management company, Trusted Real Estate Enterprises (TREE), refused to make the necessary repairs. She presented her rights as a tenant to slumlord Belitski, who instead opted to called the police on those in attendance.

As activists dispersed, “slumlord” was tagged on a wall in the office, a mirror was broken, property brochures were thrown in the air, and protesters shouted “shame!” at Belitski. Three activists were later arrested, but were ultimately released the same day and are now facing charges, we ask readers to support the arrested activists by donating to their fundraiser here:

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