Week in Struggle: May 22-28


In west São Paulo, two displays of graffiti reading “Health, wages, and food for all! For more tests!” was signed by the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP).

In the poor neighborhoods surrounding Porto Velho, Rondônia, the Sanitary Committee for Popular Defense distributed protective masks and issues of revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia. The distribution and agitation are part of a broader campaign to mobilize the people in defense of their health and rights, against the reactionary government and its neglect of basic sanitation, clean water, roads, and other poor conditions which leave the residents vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.


On May 25, people around Ecuador mobilized for a new day of struggle. Workers and poor peasants carried out actions to denounce the government’s measures that have only served to further impoverish the people amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including the the financing of the national state of emergency, unemployment, taxes, contributions, salary reductions, etc. According to a report from the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles (FDLP-E): “The Front for the Defense of the Rights of Workers of Imbabura carried out important actions not only confronting reaction but also revisionism of UP (Unidad Popular); in Chimborazo, supporting the fight and demand of the health and railway workers, as well as important actions undertaken by the Committee of Poor Peasants of that province and the blockades of the roads that connect to the province of Bolívar.”


Revolutionaries in Oaxaca have been forming and expanding the work of Health and Hygiene Committees in Defense of the People among the people. The statement from Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo reads:

“The weight of the economic crisis and the health emergency is being unloaded on the shoulders of the people. In the main cities, health services have collapsed, and in rural areas they simply do not exist. Four long decades of privatization and dismantling of public health show its clear consequences. The ‘new government’ remedy at the head of the old state is a return to the ‘new normal’ and the militarization of the country.

Given this, we are forming Health and Hygiene Committees in Defense of the People, their work is to provide accurate information and class solidarity among the population, carrying out actions of prevention, sanitation, awareness and organization, to preserve the health and life of the people.”


In the city of Mannheim, activists held a commemorative rally for the deceased hunger strikers from the Turkish band Grup Yorum in front of the central railway station. A banner at the demonstration read “We demand justice! Death fast continues!” in both German and Turkish.


The Young Revolutionaries have been promoting popular solidarity by distributing hygiene products like hand sanitizer and face masks as well as food and literature about the coronavirus outbreak in cities like Nantes, Caen, and Aubervilliers.

United States

St. Louis. Activists raised over $190 for the family of Dwight Peter Williams, who died earlier this month in police custody at the St. Louis County Justice Center. Having been detained for less than 24 hours with no prior medical issues, the family has stated that they believe there was foul play, as Williams had his hand injured by police just a week prior to his death. The donations were raised from the masses as the activists promoted his story at a busy intersection, and presented to the family at his vigil where his family also commemorating what would have been his 32nd birthday. A banner was also seen reading, “Combat police terror with revolution! People’s justice for Dwight Williams!”

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti reading, “RIP Mike Ramos, STL to Austin, Fuck the Police” was put up in solidarity with the struggle against police brutality in Austin, specifically for the murder of Mike Ramos.

Kansas City. Graffiti promoting the Day of Heroism in Peru as well as the election boycott campaign were seen in the city. It read, “Glory to the Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986,” and “Elections no! Revolution yes!”

Austin. The Day of Heroism and election boycott were also promoted through graffiti in Texas, with the slogans “Glory to the heroes of the Peruvian people!” and “No vote, luche por la revolución (Don’t vote, fight for revolution).”

Pittsburgh. A well-known World War I monument in the neighborhood of Lawrenceville was splattered in red paint and graffiti commemorating the Day of Heroism.

Los Angeles. A demonstration was held outside of District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s home against the murder of Alex Flores by police.

Oxnard. Activists and tenants confronted slumlord Danny Belitski at his office in response to his attempted eviction and withholding of a single-mother’s deposit, three activists were arrested after the protest and we encourage all of our readers to donate to their legal fund.