Austin: 9 Arrested at Spontaneous Night Protest against Police Headquarters

By Ed Dalton

Nearly 100 protestors converged on Austin Police Department (APD) Headquarters last night in a militant confrontation of the police over the murder of Mike Ramos in the spirit of the Twin Cities Uprising. The angry crowd was primarily composed of black and brown community members with limited activist presence. APD responded with violence and hatred for the people, arresting 9 for trumped up charges of “inciting a riot,” “participation in a riot,” and “harassment of a public  servant.”

The first arrests clearly showed that the police were attempting to cow and menace the protestors; when a woman fell to the ground the two men who attempted to help her up were charged by riot police and arrested for “inciting a riot.”

Protestors responded to APD’s use of rubber bullets and pepper spray by throwing bottles. A man who was defending the police verbally and justifying their use of force was doused with liquid which appeared to be a soft drink. The tense standoff lasted for hours. 

Many of those attending vowed to return for today’s protest, which is expected to be significantly larger. The militancy and energy of the demonstration set the tone for today. One protester commented, “I’m waiting for it to pop off, if they pop off, we pop off, on my mama” he said, “we are not afraid of bloodshed, you can’t have no revolution without bloodshed.”

Organizers of today’s event have launched a fundraiser for those arrested last night, in the hopes of getting them out of jail in time for today’s demonstration which is to take place at APD headquarters on E 8th St, the same location. Tribune of the People encourages donating to the legal support of those arrested.

In Houston several police were injured and legalist reformists were shouted down by the people and physically confronted. The people have made it clear, they will not be told how to express their anger, and nothing good will come to those who try to police them, in uniform or not.

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