The People of the Twin Cities have Stood Up

By the Editorial Board

What is People’s Justice? It is not the type of ‘justice’ provided by the capitalist system, but the type the people take into their own hands. The people of the Twin Cities have shown how this is done. On their own, the government would not have been inclined to arrest the killer cop. It was the people, their just anger and the fires burning throughout the week that forced the government to take action. This is what it takes today to take a single step toward justice.

Time will tell, but experience shows that more often than not, the police who are arrested are seldom punished. What the rage shown in the Twin Cities rebellion teaches us is that the people are ready to fight, and eventually will get people’s justice without relying on the powers that be in any capacity. That means dragging these cops before a court of the people composed by the communities they terrorize. That is what it will take to seriously curb the racist murder of Black people by the hands of the system. To counter power, you must seize power.

The ruling class media will have its readers convinced that all things are random and spontaneous. This is false, the infinite creativity of the people in rebellion knows no limitation and it is certainly not random, it just must be led by an organized force, in the form of the revolutionary party of the working class in order to take real power.

Conservatives and Liberals alike have no interest in People’s Justice; already they have been shedding tears over the loss of businesses, businesses which Black people cannot own. Corporations like Target finance the police that kill the people, they are complicit and hitting them is legitimate. When the people rebel and take goods back from big chains like Target, this is people’s justice, minor compensation for a life time of oppression, and Target had to pay the people for financing the police. Everyone must take a side here.

Racism is at the forefront of this struggle and it should be, Black people in the US have never been free, and will never be free until the US is overthrown and something better takes its place.  A look at the rebellion shows that this is not just a “race issue” but a class issue as well, the people rebelling are black, white, and brown, they mainly have one thing in common, they are poor and working people. Those who have been exploited their whole lives and have become more militant during the economic crisis, which must be understood as the New Depression. Those with nothing are going up against the hoarders of wealth.

The people have stood up, they have burned an indelible mark into the Twin Cities. This was necessary and no one can deny it. It makes the enemy listen. The reformists and opportunist politicians were scared to show up as the Third Precinct was converted to ash. It is now a monument of ash to every Black person murdered by the racist capitalist system all over the world, and most importantly this act expresses the feeling of the people and honors the memory of George Floyd. The people of the Twin Cities are the real heroes, politicians and reformists are not needed.

Now Trump has threatened to call in the Army to murder the rebels. He is hallucinating if he thinks this will work, the blood he spills will only irrigate and nourish further resistance; the people are not scared of dying in rebellion when the system already murders them for existing peacefully.

The Twin Cities Uprising has proven in less than a week to be more combative and militant than the previous uprisings over the past ten years. This is not just because of how vile the murder of George Floyd is, but because the New Depression has made it clear, the time has come to fight back aggressively and at all costs.

Stand in solidarity with the people in resistance; make every city a battlefield in the fight for Black Liberation. This means standing up and refusing to sit down, it means speaking up and refusing to be silenced, it means fighting back against each and every case of racist police oppression, it means being done with those paid by and accountable to the police, who only seek to suffocate rebellion. The people have stood up, you can join them, get out of the way, or be trampled, each person must decide. The fight is far from over, it is just turning up.

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