Austin Police Seriously Injure Teenager at Protest


By Ed Dalton

Brad Levi Ayala, 16, was shot in the head with a plastic coated bullet by the Austin Police Department (APD) while participating in a demonstration against police brutality on Saturday in honor of Mike Ramos and George Floyd.

Ayala was standing, viewing the protests from a hill when he was struck by the plastic coated bullet, he was not engaged in any confrontation with the police and had been keeping a considerable distance. Eyewitnesses on the scene expressed that while some of the police were firing indiscriminately at protesters, others were deliberate and picked out those standing further away, using them for “target practice.”

According to Ayala’s older sister, “He was standing quietly on a hill when a rubber bullet hit him in the head. He is recovering and stable but the recovery will be a long process.” APD has shown that they will respond with violence to anyone challenging their history of murder and abuse.

Saturday’s demonstration was organized by the Mike Ramos Brigade who has called for another protest on Thursday in honor of those wounded and in critical condition from the police violence over the weekend protests as well as to demand people’s justice for Mike Ramos and George Floyd. APD has launched a Public Relations Campaign in an attempt to humanize their inhuman actions, groups like the Mike Ramos Brigade see through this, according to the event page, “When people pour into the streets to denounce the racist pigs who murder our friends and loved ones, these pigs respond by attempting to murder more of them right in front of us.”

Ayala’s brother Edwin Sanchez told ruling class media outlet CBS Austin, “I saw police officers not seeing the humanity in him— not seeing the kindness that he is— not seeing him for what I see. They saw a monster and they treated him like that,” he was clear that this is not a random attack but one of a racist character, “It’s not just my brother. It’s countless teenagers who look just like him. They’re treating them like animals… like monsters and that’s not okay.”

Ayala’s family has launched a fundraiser to help cover his medical bills. Ayala is a working class youth, who has stood bravely and been seriously injured, Tribune asks that our readers make a donation.

Many other protesters were injured this weekend by APD including an unnamed 20 year old Black man, now in critical condition. Multiple people were shot in the head and face with plastic coated bullets, intentionally by APD. The police have proven to thousands of demonstrators this weekend that they are nothing but an army of the rich used to commit crimes against the poor.