Opinion: A Literary Contribution for the Struggle

Tribune of the People received the following opinion piece from a supporter. While it is different from our usual articles and contains language the Editorial Board does not normally use, we share an unedited version for many of our new readers drawn into the recent struggles.

Nothing about this system is reformable. The old society is lost. Time for a new one. This statement may seem extreme to a few privileged people and it needs to be repeated to them a bit louder.

The riots, which were totally predictable came at a time when most well-meaning liberals were shaming black people for going outside, and this was their biggest concern. Now they have come out of their sanctuaries to shame black people and those who stand beside them in their righteous struggle, for rebelling. Coronavirus is a threat to life, so is eviction, unemployment and racist policing. The people knew this, and that  is why they have tossed aside their concerns of getting sick and left their homes en-mass to rebel on a global scale. Those who shame the people will never succeed in the long run.

Everything is a legitimate target. This is not hyperbolic, the entire country was built on black slavery and exploitation of the working class, on mass graves of native Americans. Everything that exists is a product of this tormented history. The working class, and particularly the most oppressed, black workers are this history in motion. They are correct to turn this society upside down. There is no stopping it, if this current explosion is somehow mitigated, the next one is due to be more volatile.  Conquering the old society is inevitable.

This time they are not alone. The best among every race have come to the side of black people. A multiracial uprising to combat and resist the racist, oppressive police is the only approximation of our reality.

The enemy is trembling. He is hiding in his bunker under the White House, power turned off, praying to his nonexistent god that the masses outside think he is not home. The enemy scrambles. He is grasping at straws, playing up stunts for public relations, and calling in all his favors with the ruling class media. They tell us that everything is won through subservience to their flag, law and order must be respected, even though it never showed respect to the people. They say this and that about democratic solutions in a free society. Their freedom was restricted to those who own, and their democracy only shared amongst them. Those who own nothing, that is most of the people know full well they are not getting freedom or democracy by asking nice.

The wolves in sheep’s clothing are telling the people to behave, to be silent, to show compassion to the police (who of course have taken a knee) they say that all those rebels who shook the cities up are actually the real enemy! Take that in for a moment, they are actually telling the world that the police are our friends, and those who fight them are the real enemy. Who then were the “outside agitators” that police and slaughter our communities? Certainly not teenage anarchists. They did not “take a knee” on the neck of George Floyd for nearly 9 minutes.

Malcolm X said “it is time to stop singing and start swinging.” This good advice was given 56 years ago, and you better keep saying it, keep making people listen. He told the people that, “This government has failed us; the government itself has failed us, and the white liberals who have been posing as our friends have failed us.” we can add black liberals to this too now. That is not too harsh.

The cornered animals are lashing out. Just like the bastards shot Malcolm, today they are still on their crusade. Rounding up rebels, revolutionaries, and especially any black woman or man who shows leadership qualities and will not be bought. That’s right, they are still in the trade of black men and women. They buy up sellouts who will settle for less, and “keep an open dialog with the police.” And those who fight back? Well, they still have slave catching patrols for them, the police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and countless psi-ops.

The COINTEL programs did not end with the Panthers. They killed off the bulk of the Panther movement, and kept working on annihilation black rebellion. Because black rebellion is inspirational to all who want a better world, and terrifying to those who find this one acceptable. They are among the mass rallies, in plain clothes, saving the skin of cops who fuck up and slip away from their herd. They are there framing people, making up rumors, taking notes, pointing out activists and convincing rational people that there really are “outside agitators.” Every major city and a lot of small towns in all 50 states saw rebellious action, what city were these outsiders bussed in from?

The enemy thinks the people can win. We must think the same thing. They want to convince everybody that the people are not really that upset, that it is just a few outsiders who were always upset and would riot about damn near anything. They are actually saying that black people are not worth it. Their “solution” to racism is a rephrasing of racism.

Unity is not free though. It is hard earned, in the streets shoulder to shoulder, in arguments and discussions and in love for one another. So treasure it, do not turn on the people or the struggle. Never forget that you could be the next George Floyd, or the next number behind the fence and that is nothing compared to what the system has coming. Keep fighting then for unity, among the whole class who has one clear cut enemy—the owners of everything. That is what the enemies truly shit themselves at the thought of.

They rely on people slipping. So do not slip. Remember to say nothing to the enemy. The movement loves you. People will rise up, dig deep and get you a lawyer. Even the state don’t like their own snitches.

If we do not dare to struggle we will not win. Everything is won through struggle, confrontation, war and dictatorship. They tell people this is not so, in order to continue waging these things against the people, again the real majority. Coming to the conclusion that these things can be used on the few enemies and undo their elaborate systems of oppression, that is what is called class consciousness.

Race and class consciousness are a must. Playing the games the enemy teaches people in their universities is not gonna do it. Anyone can learn  more from participation in the movement for one week than they can through years of “education” in those damn dusty dungeons. Produce, struggle, study. Work and work for change, and then all the knowledge the enemy hopes to monopolize will come through.

We are all qualified to make revolution. Find out what you as an individual can do, and find out what needs to be done. Part time, full time, all the time. Do more than you can currently and keep working at it and do more than you thought possible. This is a struggle. This is already on display as marchers march, fighters fight, writers write, and many are doing all this. Counter the bullshit. Even if you cant march fight or write. You can type. So counter the bullshit, give it no hiding place. Rest and work are a pair that cannot be separated solidarity is the balance between them. 

Power is the central question, who has it, how they wield it, and how are working people going to get it. The answer has been provided by hundreds of years of class struggle, all you have to do is listen. Learn it, teach it, and keep growing the movement.

Capitalism is senile, demented and off its medication. So the time to fight this whole fucked up system has literally never been better. The sell outs can walk right into the grave with their old man, capitalism. The people will see to it. Soon.