Palestine: Thousands March in Opposition to West Bank Annexation

By Nélida Tello

Last weekend, thousands of Palestinian Arabs as well as Jews marched in occupied Jaffa (referred to as Tel Aviv by the Israeli government) in opposition to Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” announced earlier this year.

Trump’s plan would allow the annexation of illegal settlements and areas not yet occupied in the West Bank as well as control the Jordan Valley, encroaching on the already unacceptable 1967 borders.

Despite disagreeing on the clause that limits settlement expansion and rejecting a Palestinian state, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the annexation would commence July 1.

Protesters assembled at Rabin Square despite police attempts to ban the demonstration. Drawing parallels to the uprisings that followed the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protesters commemorated 32-year-old Eyad Hallaq, who was killed in Jerusalem on May 30 by Israeli security forces. Some demonstrators also carried pictures of Floyd and others carried signs reading, “Palestinian lives matter.”

Police violently dispersed demonstrators as the protest came to an end and made five arrests. Protesters chanted, “Enough with occupation!” and “Occupation is terror and nothing will change that,” and used bottles and paint as projectiles while police repression intensified. Journalists on the ground were also brutalized despite identifying themselves as media.

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