Week in Struggle: May 29-June 11


On June 2, in the Ovacık district of Dersim, Turkey, Hasan Ataş, a TKP/ML-TİKKO guerrilla code-named Şerzan was killed in a clash with the Turkish army. The Politburo of the Central Committee of the TKP/ML released a statement commemorating the life and sacrifice of Ataş titled, “For those whose dreams are limitless, whose lives are infinite, whose struggles are relentless; Comrade Hasan Ataş is the determination of the People’s War!” Hasan Ataş (Şerzan) is immortal!


On June 9, an office of the Forest Department was attacked in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. The CPI (Maoist)-led combatants of the PLGA destroyed the furniture and burned documents. The Forest Department is in charge of forestry and thus responsible for a great deal of exploitation and displacement. They are also significantly involved in the reclamation of the forest to fight People’s War and the rangers of the Forest Department often adopt police services.

On the night of June 7, a construction site near Venkatapuram of Andhra Pradesh bordering the Malkangiri district was attacked, with seven vehicles including two tractors, two JCB machines, one truck, one lorry, and one mixture machine were set ablaze. On June 6, a bridge and road construction site were attacked at the Sarivela village in the East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. According to an employee involved in the construction work the combatants prompted the workers to leave the spot before setting fire to the machinery park.

On June 4, the PLGA blocked an important road in the Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh by triggering at least 16 improvised explosive devices in various locations along the road. More than 100 battalions of the federal police and the anti-naxal (counterinsurgency) police force of the Chhattisgarh District and the District Reserve Guard ​​are currently deployed in this area. On June 3, the PLGA torched 11 vehicles during a raid on mining operations. On June 2, they stormed a bauxite mine in the Lohardaga district in Jharkhand and set fire 13 construction vehicles from the BKB and the Balaji Company. The PLGA also killed a policeman on June 1.


Massive demonstrations in cities across Brazil took place on June 7 to denounce the new coup government of the military high command. The protests were of a decidedly antifascist character, denouncing both Bolsonaro and the military generals who seek to replace him. Protests were held in 20 capitals and in some places intense state repression prevented demonstrations from taking place at all.

“For New Democracy!” – Rio de Janeiro
“For a New Democracy!” – Belo Horizonte


Young revolutionaries from the Movement of Students in Service of the People (MESP) and the League of Young Revolutionaries (LJR) of Medellín, share this video in which they make an appeal to the Colombian student and popular movement about the current critical situation the Colombian people and the oppressed peoples of the world. They especially emphasize the need for student and popular youth to bond with the people and serve them wholeheartedly by supporting their just struggles and contributing to their organization under the slogan that only the people can save the people. They also make a call to return to the streets and resume the mobilization for the defense of the people’s rights, particularly for food, health, work and decent living conditions in the midst of the quarantine and the current social crisis.


On June 6, a rally was held in Cologne to mark the murder of George Floyd, with an estimated attendance of 10,000 people. The rally was not part of the reformist ‘silent protests,’ but instead it was decidedly militant; instead of silence, there was above all the anger at the murder and the everyday oppression of Black people. Revolutionaries carried a banner with the slogan, ““Down with racist police violence! It is right to rebel!” and raised the name of Adel B, a German worker killed by the police last year.


Revolutionaries paid tribute to Dr. Sernas Garcia in the city of Tampere on May 30. They gave a presentation on the life and work of Dr. Sernas, who was a professor and the peoples lawyer disappeared by the Mexican state two years ago. Since his forced disappearance, an international campaign for his presentation alive has been upheld by revolutionaries around the world.

The speech told described how Dr. Sernas boldly and successfully defended Mexican revolutionaries facing prosecution from the old state, all while exposing its own criminal activities, and how this public service and possible support for the revolutionary movement in Mexico was the ultimate motivation for his disappearance.

United States

San Marcos. In solidarity with Justin Howell, the Texas State student was shot in the back of the head with a “less lethal” round and put in critical condition during Austin protests, Rent Strike SMTX marched to Texas State University Police Department’s headquarters to denounce their treatment of students as well as SMPD’s treatment of working class people throughout the city.  A friend of Justin’s spoke of his strong character and emphasized that people must fight back against police brutality in San Marcos. 

The marchers’ chants of “Fists up, Fight back!” and “Who shot Justin? APD” drew support from passing cars as they made their way to campus.  Once in front of UPD headquarters members of Rent Strike SMTX, Brown Berets of San Marcos, and community members gave speeches before on the necessity for unity in combatting police oppression and demands for concessions like the dissolution of SMPD. At the end of the speeches, an American flag was burned as the people cheered “One Solution, Revolution!”

Oxnard. Activists and community members held a demonstration Monday, outside a local Customs office, demanding that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) halt the deportation of Victoria Galindo, a single mother and hotel worker from Ventura County. Speakers read poetry, and spoke on their personal experiences dealing with ICE, connecting it back to US imperialism. Community members gave a musical performance of the anti-imperialist protest song “No Quiero Ser Militar,” before the demonstration concluded with a march through the streets.

Protesters march through the streets of Oxnard, sign reads, “Fuck ICE”

St. Louis. On Saturday night, a group of 15-20 young people organized a protest in Ferguson in response to local bar Marley’s Grill making a racist post on social media referring to protestors as “thugs.” They held signs across the street from the bar with slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and were met with honks of support by the majority of people driving by. A member of the protest told Tribune that he used to work at the bar and its regulars are incredibly racist, frequently using slurs to refer to other patrons and the surrounding neighborhood which is majority black and working class. While the protesters enthusiastically chanted “Fuck Marley’s!” and “Fuck the police!”, the bar’s windows remained boarded up, spray painted with liberal messages of “peace and love.”

Young protesters denouncing racist bar in Ferguson

Graffiti in St. Louis was also seen commemorating the Day of Heroism.

June 19, 1986 Glory to the Day of Heroism!

Kansas City. Graffiti in solidarity with the mass uprising across the country with the popular slogan, “Fist up, fight back” as well as another commemorating the Day of Heroism reading, “Punish the guilty, long live the Day of Heroism,” were recently seen in the city.

“Fist Up, Fight Back”
“Punish the Guilty, Long Live the Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986”

Charlotte. Graffiti with the hammer and sickle supporting the popular uprising against police brutality as well as the election boycott campaign were seen around the city. They read, “Justice for George Floyd, combat and resist CMPD (Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department),” “Support the popular rebellion,” and “Elections no! Revolution yes!”

“Justice for George Floyd, Combat and Resist CMPD”
“Justice for George Floyd, Support the Popular Rebellion!”
“Elections No! Revolution Yes!”

Austin. Graffiti reading, “Fight for George Floyd and Mike Ramos, Fight the Police!” was seen in Southeast Austin.

“Fight for George Floyd and Mike Ramos, Fight the Police!”

Unknown. Tribune received an anonymous video statement from readers on the East Coast in support of those being persecuted by state repression following the uprisings for George Floyd. The video depicts two masked youth shredding and burning an American Flag along with video and images from historical Communist movements. Below is an excerpt from a transcription of the video.

We record the following video in solidarity with those around the country and the world who are standing up in anger and fury against the racist murders of George Floyd, Mike Ramos, Breonna Taylor, and many others. Today in the world and particularly here in the United States, we are seeing an uprising against imperialism, an inevitable response by the masses. Principally, this uprising is against the murder, brutalization, and exploitation of the working black masses, which has been a mainstay in this country’s history and continues today, albeit sometimes in more subtle and nefarious forms. At its root however, this uprising’s timing is not coincidental, nor is the severity of it. Imperialism, principally that of the only world hegemonic superpower, the United States is in a new state of crisis, which revolutionaries have dubbed correctly not as the Corona Crisis or other such names which bourgeois leaders seek to call it, but as the New Depression.” 

“This video is to call for support for all those arrested in the protests, to call for solidarity and donations with the activists in Austin and all over the country. The state is like a scared predator, lashing out with fury and thinking that it can defeat the movement with its dungeons and brutal weapons. This lashing out will prove to do the opposite of its intent, and instead of crushing the movement, its actions will nourish it. The more that the true nature of this beast and its servants, the opportunists and reformists, are exposed, the more resistance will surely come. We ask anyone who supports the masses who oppose racism and all oppression, principally the oppression of the working class to lend their support to the brave fighters of the people who are being locked away in the state’s dungeons. They deserve our support and more: they deserve our determination in smashing this old decaying and rotten imperialist state and fighting for a New Power, a power that will sweep away imperialism, racism, and every form that imperialist oppression manifests itself in.”

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