Self-Criticism and Denunciation of Politically Illiterate Day of Heroism Action

By the Editorial Board

In today’s edition (June 19, 2020) of Tribune of the People’s Week in Struggle, a photo of graffiti for the Day of Heroism, painted on a monument was posted without explanation. This prompted some of the Editorial Board to inquire further into the action. This revealed that the monument which was defaced was dedicated to US soldiers who died in WWII, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This action has to be condemned as both repulsive and politically illiterate, as a disgrace to both the Day of Heroism and to anti-fascism. Those responsible for the action must be condemned as dogmatic and thoughtless. The Editorial Board issues the following criticism and self-criticism for negligence in our work.

In the past we have reported and highlighted actions taken against imperialist monuments, including WWI monuments. We affirm the position that WWI was a totally imperialist war, without any progressive character at all, one that all revolutionaries and especially Communists were right to denounce. WWII however is not comparable to its precursor. While the US involvement in the war came late, and was mainly a gambit to secure its imperialist interests, it had another aspect globally, that is to say it was an antifascist war, and an anti-imperialist war.

The homeland of Socialism, the USSR fought bravely against fascism and drove it to its ultimate defeat. In China, the United Front between the Communists and Nationalists defeated and drove out the fascist Japanese invaders. The US entry into the war, while acknowledging its imperialist agenda, was still welcomed by the Soviet and Chinese comrades, and encouraged for years by the leader of the Communist movement at that time, Joseph Stalin. The American men and Women who volunteered to join were most often among the working class, and not motivated by typical US imperialist-patriotism, many were appalled at the actions of the Japanese, German, Italian, and Spanish fascists.

With the understanding that stopping the march of fascism was paramount, the Communist Party of the USA was correct to support the antifascist and democratic aspects of the war, many Communists enlisted and fought to the death. This is not to argue that US soldiers are to be honored or revered in war generally, but in the case of WWII, the idea that such historical illiterates posing as communists would deface a monument to those who died fighting against fascist armies is without a doubt repulsive and reactionary. We condemn the act with the utmost class hatred, and we denounce those responsible for dirtying the image of the glorious hammer and sickle, the very emblem on the flag which drove fascism to its grave in WWII.

The perpetrators of this action were without a doubt attempting to clone the actions against WWI monuments, but they were too mechanical, dogmatic and frankly too stupid to grasp the critical differences between the wars. Such people blunder around doing far more harm than good, they discredit the cause with their try-hard antics. Having no means of attaining a statement from the guilty, we have chosen to make our views plainly visible here.

Our Editorial Board was negligent in its duty to politically evaluate the images and actions we receive, sometimes we receive a high number of images and do not comb over them properly. While the image was removed, it is not enough to erase it, the action and our posting pictures of it were reprehensible, amateurish, and vulgar. The US revolutionary movement in all spheres still suffers from rank amateurishness, impulsive and childish actions, sensitivity to criticism and nearly everything else that retards the growth of a revolution. Should this generation of revolutionaries really wish to earn the title, they must shape up and fast. Not only should such stupid actions not be taken, but they should certainly not be propagandized. Any commentary or reporting must take the correct political line and squarely condemn them as a vulgar affront to the actions carried out by genuine revolutionaries and the people across the country and world.