Austin: Presentation Builds International Solidarity in People’s Resistance to Police Terror

By Mike Talavera

The Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil gave a presentation on June 18 in Rosewood Park in Austin which highlighted resistance to police oppression in the favelas (slums) of Brazil’s major cities and connected it to the recent protests in the US. The event was carried out in the internationalist spirit of supporting resistance to the Brazilian state and ruling class.

Presenters described the brutal police killings of Joao Pedro, a 14 year old boy who was killed in the Complexo do Salgueiro, in São Gonçalo on May 18 this year, as well as Lisete Pereira, a 78 year old woman killed in the Arsenal neighborhood in São Gonçalo in January, among others. The presentation condemned the Pacifying Police Units, militarized squads which patrol the favelas, and exposed how both the phony left and far right parties of Brazil both had a hand in the creation of these special forces.

These killings were not portrayed as isolated but rooted in the bureaucratic capitalist foundations of Brazilian society. The origin of the favelas themselves is inseparable from the Brazilian capitalist government’s inability and unwillingness to provide for the poor and working class. The old state is interested in serving the latifundio (large landlords), big bourgeoisie, and imperialists (mainly US), not the people who live in the favelas.

In conclusion, the presenters called for solidarity with the fight for New Democratic Revolution in Brazil and called for audience members to fight for socialist revolution in the US. The event concluded with chants that “Making Revolution is not a Crime!” and attendees committing to support the dropping of all charges against protesters arrested since the police murder of George Floyd, especially Austin’s Targeted Three. Political discussion continued after over Brazilian food and beverages.

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