Day Of Heroism Commemorated Across the US and Europe

Day of Heroism is celebrated worldwide by revolutionaries on June 19 to commemorate the fallen heroes of the Peruvian People and the Communist Party of Peru who fought to their death in the shining trenches of combat in Lurigancho, El Fronton, and Callao prisons on June 19, 1986. The following is a round-up of celebrations and actions for the holiday from across the US and Europe.

United States

Los Angeles

Activists hosted a cultural performance in commemoration of the Day of Heroism at Hollenbeck Park in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights. A representative from Serve the People gave a speech and afterward a poet came up and read an original poem as well one by Jovaldo, a combatant from the Shining Trench of Combat of El Fronton. The narrator introduced the play and discussed the significance of the Day of Heroism, stating “A revolutionary slogan we should grasp and popularize is that ‘blood does not drown the revolution; it waters it!’”

The play began with a battle scene of combatants facing off with marines who carried prop rifles and pistols. Those in the prisons were armed with paper balls representing rocks, plastic bottles with red and yellow cloth at the opening, representing Molotov cocktails, and a few seized weapons like a gun and shivs. The background of the stage read, “Salvo el Poder, Todo es Ilusion” in chalk. In the last scene, the actors sang the chorus of the Internationale in Spanish, and at the end, one of the ‘marines’ went into the crowd asking “where is Chariman Gonzalo?” and was met with the throwing of the prop molotov cocktails. 

From there, activists mentioned to the crowd that there was revolutionary graffiti commemorating the Day of Heroism in the area that was defaced with pro-imperialist propaganda. They invited the audience to go cover up the “USA” tag with chalk spray paint. Attendees retouched the slogan, “Glory to the Day of Heroism” in red and others wrote slogans such as “Death to US Imperialism.” 


On Friday afternoon in Oxnard, activists and community members gathered at Wilson Park, for a cultural event to commemorate the Day of Heroism. An altar (part of Chicano and Mexican culture honoring the dead) was erected, with paper flowers laid across, and candles with drawings of Chairman Gonzalo, comrade Norah, and brave combatants of Peoples Guerrilla Army (EGP) and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). A banner was erected with the handwritten names of the fallen Revolutionaries of the Shining Trenches of Combat at El Fronton, Callao, and Lurigancho on June 19, 1986.

Traditional Peruvian food was served, while an activist opened the program explaining the history behind the Day of Heroism, and its significance to current struggles in Oxnard and throughout the country. Two activists recited poems written by Peruvian Revolutionaries about the historic day. The second poem “Heroismo Revolucionario” read in Spanish, visibly moved the crowd, the activists voice echoed powerfully through the park.

A representative of Defend Boyle Heights spoke at the event, offering words of encouragement and support to activists in Oxnard. A formation of women marched and sang with flags in hand to “Luchadores De La Revolucion”, a song originally written and performed by revolutionary women of the PCP while imprisoned. The performance was concluded with fireworks as a portrait of Karl Marx was held up.

At the end of the event, the altar candles were given away in exchange for donations that would go towards helping activists currently facing state repression.

San Fernando Valley

People’s Struggle-SFV held an event in commemoration of the Day of Heroism at Delano Park. Pictures from the Communist Party of Peru were tied on to the fence as well as banners with slogans like, “Rebelarse es justo!” in English, “It is Right to Rebel!”

A brief introduction to the significance of the Day of Heroism was given and the group discussed who the PCP was and how the Shining Trenches of Combat were organized and disciplined. Attendees studied two documents, the first written by a combatant prisoner on the Day of Heroism, entitled, “Nothing and Nobody Can Defeat Us” and the poem “Night of Saint Bartholomew,” which was written for the prisoners after they had publicly issued their demands.

Participants spoke on how death should not be seen as negative, but rather giving rise to the new, whether this was the death of the old society and building of the new or the death of revolutionaries which only nourishes the revolution and gives rise to more.


A Cultural even was held in Austin where a presentation was given on the Day of Heroism. Readings of the letter “Nothing and Nobody Can Defeat Us,” the poem “The Night of Saint Bartholomew,” and Chairman Gonzalo’s speech “To Give your life to the Party and the Revolution” were held.  Paintings were produced inspired by the drawings attributed to the hero’s in the Shining Trenches of Combat. Peruvian food was served to those in attendance. In another East Austin park, a display was installed listing all the names of the fallen fighters of the Luminous Trenches of Combat at El Fronton, Callao, and Lurigancho. A large banner was hung above Rosewood park reading, “Long Live the Day of Heroism, June 19th, 1986” adorned with the hammer and sickle from the flag of the PCP.

San Diego

An event was held in Teralta Park, in City Heights. A film was screened and after the short film those in attendance talked about the significance of  the Day of Heroism, and why Peruvian revolutionaries are fighting for New Democratic revolution. Traditional Peruvian folk art was created and displayed conveying the invincible People’s War. Wall paintings were made and revolutionary posters were hung.

Kansas City

An action was carried out against the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police (a police union office) to commemorate the Day of Heroism. Red paint reading June 19th, 1986 Glory to the Day of Heroism was applied to the front doors and windows of the building.


Tribune of the People Support Committee hosted a cookout at a popular park. At the cookout they presented a speech on the Day of Heroism and showed clips from a bourgeois documentary on the Communist Party of Peru. Afterwards a discussion was held on the prison system in the US, on the increase of fascism, and on the necessity of organizing against it.

St. Louis

Articles commemorating the Day of Heroism were distributed at protests relating the the mass movement against the police and a speech about the importance of the day was given to a group of sympathetic park goers.


Activists commemorated the Day of Heroism by giving a speech and demanding that charges are dropped on all protesters accused of the political crime of rebelling in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in front of the County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh. Activists carried a banner reading, “Glory to the Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986, Free All Revolutionary Political Prisoners!”



“Viva PCP” (Communist Party of Peru) and a hammer and sickle were painted on the front door of the Peruvian Embassy in Oslo.


A Banner hung by the Red Front across a bridge read, “Long Live the Day of Heroism”


A banner reading, “Long Live the Day of Heroism” as well as graffiti reading “Long Live the People’s War in Peru” were seen across the city.


Several banners were hung from bridges around the city with slogans in Norwegian reading, “Long Live the Day of Heroism!”and “Support the People’s War in Peru!” and others in Spanish reading, “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!” and “Long Live the PCP!” all accompanied by hammer and sickle flags.


Revolutionaries participated in a rally in Bremen calling for freedom for all political prisoners. The rally promoted the situation of the female revolutionary prisoners, prisoners of war of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the 34th anniversary of the Day of Heroism in Peru, and Mohamed who had been shot by the police the day before. Additionally, a banner A banner was hung in a working-class district in Bremen to further commemorate the Day of Heroism and to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, who has been imprisoned in solitary confinement by the reactionary Peruvian state in the Callao naval base for almost 28 years. The banner read, “June 19, 1986, Long Live the Day of Heroism! Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!”


Revolutionaries created the following video in defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo.

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