Week in Struggle: June 19-25


Popular movements and antifascist soccer fans converged on June 21 in downtown Belo Horizonte, leading a two-hour march of approximately 300. The protesters denounced fascist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro vigorously as well as the military high command for their attacks on the people’s rights. Revolutionary activists raised a banner demanding “For New Democracy.” Many passersby in vehicles and apartments supported the protest by honking car horns and by banging pots in solidarity.

On June 21, a demonstration in defense of democratic rights and the rejection of the Bolsonaro/military general government mobilized hundreds in Brasília. The demonstration was called by antifascist soccer fans, popular movements, and workers’ unions. The protesters chanted slogans against the government and its fascist, counterrevolutionary policies, as well as demanding justice for the black and poor people who are regularly murdered by the state. Revolutionary activists raised a flag demanding “New Democracy.”

In São Paulo, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of people mobilized in a demonstration against the fascist Bolsonaro administration and the High Command of the Armed Forces, who have attempted to seize control of the government, in defense of the democratic rights of the people. Although the military police and various other repressive apparatuses of the reactionary state attempted to intimidate the protesters, the people stood resolute, chanting slogans denouncing the government as well as the murderous police who continue to take the lives of favela residents on a daily basis.


In Essen, hundreds of people held a demonstration against the police despite a ban on large gatherings. The protest took place on the one year anniversary of the murder of the German-Algerian Adel B., and two weeks after the case against the police who killed him was dropped. The Altendorf neighborhood, which is largely populated with immigrants and working-class people, is regularly targeted by the racist police as a “problem area.”

In front of the Higher Regional Court in Munich, a rally was held demanding freedom for Müslüm Elma, the main target of the Munich trials against the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), as well as all political prisoners including Chairman Gonzalo, political prisoner of the Palestinian cause Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, and Indian political prisoner G.N. Saibaba, amongst others. Even though the TKP/ML is not technically a banned organization in Germany, Elma has been held in the reactionary penal system for over five years.

On June 19, a demonstration was held in downtown Bremen under the slogan “Against their repression, for the enforcement of democratic rights,” in solidarity with political prisoners and victims of reactionary state violence. Activists gave speeches about revolutionary prisoners of war in India, the situation in the prisons in Latin America, and the death of Turkish comrades Helin Bölek, Mustafa Kocak, and Ibrahim Gökcek, who have died on hunger strikes over the past months. There was also a short combative speech about the murder of a 54-year-old Moroccan man who had been shot by the cops in the working-class district of Gröpelingen the previous day as well as a speech on the importance of the Day of Heroism.

Graffiti in solidarity with Austin’s Targeted Three was put up in Germany. Revolutionary news source Dem Volke Dienen writes: “We believe it is important that comrades all over the world speak out and take action to defend the three who are now targeted by Yankee imperialism in the United States itself. The ‘Targeted Three,’ the repressive organs, are described as the politically most advanced part of the nationwide protests and are therefore symbolic for the movement as a whole and especially for its perspective and further development. Defending them also means defending the tens of thousands of demonstrators who have been attacked, mistreated, tortured, detained, and persecuted for rising against the Yankee imperialists in recent weeks, fought against his rotten racist system of oppression and exploitation and in particular defended the rights of black people. The struggle of the people in the United States is part of the world proletarian revolution, and those persecuted there are part of those persecuted by imperialism around the world.”

Slogans included, “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three,” “It is Right to Rebel,” and “Yankee Pigs Hands Off the Austin Three and All the Struggling Masses!”


The Young Revolutionaries (JR) participated in a demonstration against the police organized by the families of those victimized by police violence. They carried a banner reading, “Against Police Violence, Self Defense.”

Numerous examples of graffiti, banner drops, and other signs of solidarity were raised by the Young Revolutionaries across the country demanding freedom for political prisoner of the Palestinian cause Georges Abdallah, who has been imprisoned by the French State since 1984.


Graffiti reading, “Honor and Glory to the Fallen in the Armed Resistance!” was painted outside the Ryvangen Memorial Park, which is a memorial for Danish resistance fighters against Nazi occupation.

United States

Los Angeles

On Saturday January 20, the family of Alex Flores and Serve the People-Los Angeles held a demonstration for the second time at Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s home in Granada Hills. Sticking to their word that they would come back within 30 days, protesters arrived at Lacey’s home which was guarded by more police than the previous time. This time, another family, that of Daniel Hernandez, came out and spoke on how police officer Toni McBride murdered him after he was in a car accident on April 22. As the protesters marched away from Lacey’s home, many surrounded two cop cars, covering their windows with posters and throwing a cushion on one of them. Although hiding herself in the comfort of her home and with protection from the police, the struggle for justice for the Flores and Hernandez families continues and will not cease until the families demands are met.


Activists with Serve the People participated in a rally in Wilkinsburg with the families of victims of police violence, including Romir Talley, Mark Daniels, and Marquis Brown. The protesters marched through town and held intersections as they gave speeches about police violence in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Romir Talley was shot in the back by an unidentified Wilkinsburg Police Department officer last December. Mayor Marita Garret and Police Chief “Cookie” Coleman have still not released the name of the officer involved nor have published any result of an investigation.

Mark Daniels was killed in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Homewood. Daniels’ family demanded that officer Gino Macioce face the people’s justice in response to his crime. Daniels was killed shortly after leaving a party, pursued by police with their guns already drawn down an alleyway before he was shot and left to die. The police claimed Daniels was sent to the hospital to have emergency surgery done, with the hospital and police lying about the fact that he had already died before even reaching the hospital.

Marquis Brown was a Duquesne University football player who the police threw out of a window 16 feet off the ground to his death. Using that he reportedly had marijuana in his system, the police claim that he jumped himself.

St. Louis

Graffiti reading, “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three!” was put up in solidarity with those targeted by the Austin Police Department and the FBI for a demonstration against the police murder against George Floyd and the Target Corporation’s funding of the police department responsible.

Graffiti denouncing the Detective Josh Smith and the police department in Florissant, just outside of St. Louis, was also seen over the past week. The nightly protests outside the FPD are growing more combative by the day, facing down riot police and taking arrests while remaining steadfast. Smith was caught on a neighborhood doorbell camera running over a man in an unmarked SUV then beating him. Assault charges have been filed against him, but the call being put forth is to convict Smith as well as fire the two accomplices riding with him (both police officers), who have been ‘cleared of wrongdoing’ by Special Prosecutor Tim Lohmar.

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