Colombia: Revolutionary Youth Hold Solidarity Action for Austin’s Targeted Three

By David Martinez

Revolutionary youth in Colombia joined the international call to Defend Austin’s Targeted Three, holding a solidarity action on June 30 in a public park in Medellín. After their agitation, they took the banners they had made and pasted them to a nearby wall.

The beautiful display of internationalism spoke to the inspiring nature of the current rebellions in the United States against police murders of Black people and US imperialism’s attempts to repress them.

A speaker on a megaphone said, “We know that the fight is not only here in Colombia, that the fight belongs to people of the entire world. That is why we want to assert that this uprising of the American people, an uprising that has shown us, the people of the world the path we must follow. But just as here, there has been persecution, there has also been repression, of Black people, of Latino people, to immigrant people, all the peoples that are rising up against their oppressors.”

The speech ended with the group chanting, “Freedom for the three fighters from Austin!”

Following the agitation, the youth honored their own victims of police repression who were killed by the Colombian state. Later in the day, another march was held to oppose the state’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, which is merely using the crisis as yet another excuse to benefit finance capital while small merchants, workers, peasants, and mobile vendors are living through the worst crisis of recent times.

Tribune of the People sends its revolutionary greetings to the militant youth of Colombia who have shown their humbling spirit of internationalism with their solidarity for US political prisoners.

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