Trump Mobilizing Racist Support Base During Electoral Farce

By Ed Dalton

Donald Trump is doubling down on his tried and true campaign methods by making gestures to mobilize his assorted reactionary, racist, and fascist support base. These gestures mainly appear in the form of erratic and extreme twitter posts. Trump remains committed to appearing as an ‘anti-establishment’ candidate by promoting a vulgar version of establishment politics.

This Monday, Trump tweeted news footage of a wealthy white couple in St. Louis training guns on protesters from their front lawn. According to Missouri law, it’s illegal to display “any weapon readily capable of lethal use” in an angry or threatening manner in the presence of one or more persons. Instead of pursuing arrests on this, the police have portrayed the couple as the victims rather than the protesters they threatened.

The day before, Trump used his Twitter account to retweet a video of his racist supporters confronting protesters in Florida, one man supporting Trump could be heard shouting “white power!” at a group of protesters. In an effort to save face, Trump removed the Tweet and claimed he had not heard the fascist slogans being shouted. To his fervent supporters, the existence of such a slogan is celebrated, and they understand the gesture. While some members of his party take issue with his transparent racism, preferring a more concealed variant, his support base relishes it. His back-tracking is easily dismissed due to liberal media pressure, while his real views are effectively conveyed.

A screengrab of the now deleted tweet

His slated rival and fellow racist, ruling class elite Joe Biden, follows the same campaign strategy as Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, where a less offensive but equally racist candidate is framed as the ‘lesser of two evils.’ Biden’s campaign was strengthened by the Trump administration’s poor handling of the economic and health crisis, and the embarrassment of the mass uprisings for Black lives. Whatever Biden’s success, is not due to his own merits but rather Trump’s vulgar behavior and clear mistakes in office.

During his previous campaign and the months following his inauguration, his racist and fascist goon squads could be seen in many US streets, especially in cities with a more progressive image, trying to claim space and win through battle the ability to openly recruit and propagate their far right-wing views. This election promises more of the same, and to confront it, the movement for Black lives must maintain and commit itself to confronting and defeating the escalations from Trump’s support base. He is in an even more advantageous spot to spew his filth.

The way forward, contrary to the desperate pleading of the bankrupt Democratic Party, is not to “vote blue no matter who” but to call out the racist and castrated electoral system in the US and to fight for revolutionary solutions to the inequality that plagues this society.

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