Black Militia Assembles at World’s Largest Pro-Slavery Monument

By Mike Talavera

On the imperialist 4th of July, hundreds of heavily armed militia members of the all-Black “Not Fucking Around” Coalition (NFAC) descended on Stone Mountain State Park outside of Atlanta to present a show of force and call for the removal of the nine-story quartz sculpting honoring leaders of the former Confederacy, the largest monument to white supremacy in the world.

“As long as you’re abolishing all these statues across the country, what about this one?” militia leader Grand Master Jay told monopoly press outlet Newsweek.

The rockface, which depicts Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson and stretches the length of a football field, has been a rallying point for white supremacists for decades. In November 1915, the Ku Klux Klan burned crosses at the top of the monument to signify the start of the second formation of the anti-black terrorist organization.

Despite the nearby city of Stone Mountain being almost 80 percent Black, Klansmen and other white supremacists have continued to congregate at the monument, many times on the 4th of July. In 2016, Black Lives Matter protesters confronted a white nationalist event called “Rock Stone Mountain,” leading to skirmishes and multiple arrests.

Last year, another racist event was scheduled at the park for Super Bowl weekend, but local officials closed the park in anticipation of violence. Since the police murder of George Floyd, numerous protests have been organized calling for the removal of the pro-slavery symbol.

The monument’s history makes the confrontation by the NFAC even more meaningful. More than simply calling for the removal of the racist sculpture as part of a nationwide movement which has toppled numerous pro-slavery statues, the Black militia’s march on the 4th intended to send a message to the fascists and racists who thought the site belonged to them.

“I don’t see no white militia, the boogie [boogaloo] boys, the three percenters and all the rest of these scared-ass rednecks. We here, where the fuck you at? We’re in your house,” one militia member said over a loudspeaker during the march.

In response to the recent May Uprising against police brutality and racism, there has been a surge of retaliation by white supremacists. Recently, a New York statue of slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass was torn from its base and discarded in a gorge, and a Black man in Bloomington Indiana was pinned to a tree and assaulted by a group of white people.

The turnout by the NFAC shows that these racist transgressions will not go without consequence. Grand Master Jay explained in one video how this action was categorically different than the other protests at the monument.

“We don’t want to talk no more,” he said. “We don’t want to negotiate. We don’t want to sing songs. We don’t bring signs to a gunfight. We’re an eye-for-an-eye organization.”

The NFAC march demonstrates that Black people in the country more and more are relying on themselves, not the racist police, for protection and that they are unafraid of the white supremacists who continue to terrorize their communities. More than anything, it shows how using violence in service of the people is a necessity for transforming society.

“We want change that’s really going to permanently help us, we don’t want [any] little change, we want some real change,” one of the NFA Coalition organizers said.