Oklahoma: Fascist Shoots Woman Removing Nazi Flag

By Peter Cherry

On June 28, a woman was shot while trying to remove a Swastika flag from fascist Alexander Feaster’s home in a small town north of Oklahoma City.

While attending a party nearby, the woman left to take down one of two Nazi flags posted at the front of Feaster’s home. Feaster then shot her in the back and the legs as she tried to escape. Neighbors came to help her, with several providing first aid and another drawing a gun and using his pickup truck to create a barrier. The woman is expected to recover from her injuries and Feaster has since been arrested.

Feaster used an AR-15 in the shooting, and deputies found an additional 14 firearms in a search of his house as well as ammunition and military gear.

Feaster has an account on Gab, a social media site used by alt-right fascists, including Robert Bowers, the mass murderer in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting of 2018. Feaster’s profile on the site includes the motto of the Nazis’ Waffen SS and he has also been reported to regularly dress up in an SS uniform with a red swastika armband.

According to neighbors, Feaster’s Nazi flags have been stolen previously.