Week in Struggle: July 3-9


The Youth Brigade of the People shared the following photos in solidarity with the people’s struggle in the US, specifically Austin’s Targeted Three. In a statement by Mexican revolutionaries Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo, they write:

“This time, one of our Base Committees has held a meeting where they commented on the rebellion of the American people against police brutality and racism, where the protagonists of this fight are mainly the oppressed nationalities of the black, Chicano people, Latino and migrant workers of many other nationalities. Derived from this, this graphic material has been made in solidarity with the three defendants in the Target case, in Austin, USA, who are being investigated by the FBI after the statements of the fascist Donald Trump against the anti-fascist movement.”


On July 6, a District Reserve Guard unit was ambushed during an “anti-Maoist” operation in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. According to police reports, there was “specific information” about the presence of Maoist forces in the village of Marjum, but villagers had warned them of the approaching reactionary forces. After the unsuccessful operation, the security forces withdrew to the base and triggered an improvised explosive device – two district reservists were injured.

Earlier in the week in the same district, a police spy was killed after a People’s Court found the National Mineral Development Corporation employee to be guilty of spying in the service of reaction. On the same day, a police officer was killed in the Bijapur region in Bastar in Chhattisgarh. 

Galicia (Spanish State)

In the Spanish state of Galicia, numerous banners raising the call to boycott the upcoming elections were seen in the region. A statement by the Galician Committee to Support the People’s War was also shared online in honor of Comrade Xosé Portela who died of cancer on July 4:

“From the 15M of Monte Alto to the conflict of the Tower of Hercules, from A Coruña in Loita to the Popular Loita Movement, from Stop evictions to Elviña not for sale, from CS A Comuna to Antifascist Action or solidarity with the revolution in India or the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil. [Xosé was] always ready to help and fight, always tireless, without wanting any role or recognition. A true example of what a communist should be,” an unofficial translation of the statement reads.

Comrade Xosé Portela


In Hamburg, graffiti was seen honoring Comrade Xosé Portela and posters in solidarity with those in Ireland protesting the extradition of Irish Republican Liam Campbell were also spotted.

United States


On Wednesday, Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group held a rally outside a Detention Center in Camarillo, mobilizing about 150 people (mostly women and youth) against I.C.E and U.S Imperialism.

Protesters took the streets, marching to a nearby intersection and blocking traffic. The youth also demonstrated their rage by slamming their fists, skateboards, and water bottles against the glass of the detention center, while chanting “Melt ICE with Revolution!”

Earlier in the day, activists dropped a banner over a nearby freeway bridge that read “Combat and Resist ICE / Combate y Resiste La Migra.”

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