Week in Struggle: July 10-16


The People’s Solidarity Committee of Goias, in central Brazil, demonstrated their support for Austin’s Targeted Three by making a banner during a solidarity market to provide low-cost goods to workers and poor people. They wrote in a statement:

“We demand the release of political prisoners and an end to the charges against more than 10,000 protesters who are being unfairly framed in the USA on charges of being part of the ‘Antifa’ group. […]

The campaign against the persecution of the Austin Three shows itself to be extremely just, given that the American State promptly opposed the demonstrations and did not respond to the demands of the protests, only criminalized them and began to say how the people should behave in the face of the bestial violence they have suffered for centuries both in the USA and in Brazil.”

In Guarulhos in the state of São Paulo, graffiti signed by the Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League was seen reading, “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three!”


Various actions including road and rail blockades have been taken up by the people of the Tehuantepec Isthmus with the interest of developing the First Peasant-Popular Regional Strike. The strike is aimed against multiple superprojects of imperialism, especially the Trans-System Train and the Chiapas Line, which are both intended to modernize the rail system in the Isthmus to further develop the region for the benefit of private imperialist interests.

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo writes: “The foreign train will bring neither progress, nor work, nor money to our communities. The foreigners’ train will not transport passengers, nor culture, nor national production; but, being a private train, it will transport private goods, private armies and private interests of imperialism and the big bourgeoisie.”


A rally was held in Hamburg against the Israeli government’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank in Palestine. Supporters of Palestinian national liberation and proletarian revolutionaries took part in the demonstration, raising the slogans, “Up with International Solidarity” and “Viva Palestine.”

Dem Volke Dienen writes: “Even in a state of emergency, which the German state declared on the grounds of the corona pandemic, it is important not to lose sight of the anti-imperialist struggle, but on the contrary to support these struggles even more, because large parts of the imperialist system’s crisis of overproduction are dumped on the oppressed nations.”

Revolutionaries in Freiburg held a demonstration in defense of the accused in the TKP/ML trial in Munich, with a banner demanding their release as well as freedom for all political prisoners. Signs in defense of Chairman Gonzalo and Irish Republican Liam Campbell were also present at the rally.

United States

Los Angeles

On July 13, Serve the People-Los Angeles activists and community members painted a mural in the neighborhood of Gardena in memory of 18-year-old Andres Guardado who was gunned down by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in June. The mural included a painting of Andres along with his name in Salvadoran colors, and read “Andres Guardado Killed by LASD, 6-18-20,” “Honoramos tu memoria organizando contra la policia” (we honor your memory by organizing against the police).

The painting of the mural was temporarily halted in the afternoon when an LAPD helicopter began hovering over the area and five police vehicles were seen down the street, with at least two officers drawing their pistols at an unarmed man. Attendees quickly rushed over, recording with their phones and yelling at the police. As the community confronted the police, over a dozen squad cars blocked the road with at least 25 officers forming a line, some continuing to point their guns and others with batons, attempting to intimidate the community by pushing them back claiming that they needed to check on a stolen vehicle.

Elsewhere around the same time several signs painted with anti-police messages were placed around the community.


Anti-police demonstrators held an action in front of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office to demand charges be dropped for the 43 people arrested in Charlotte in a mass arrest on June 18 as well as Austin’s Targeted Three.

The two banners reading “Drop the Charges on the 43 Arrested” and “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three!” were later seen hung over bridges elsewhere in the city.

Another banner reading, “Brad Koch off our streets,” was erected in front of the gate to the neighborhood of Brad Koch, a white policeman who earned the ire of protesters by trying to march with them during the May Uprisings in Charlotte; he was eventually ejected from the protest and he retaliated by arresting protesters. 


Graffiti reading, “Long Live the People’s War in India”

Election signs for Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore were seen crossed out with red paint, with one including additional signs placed in front of it reading, “Margaret Moore Protects Racist Killer Cops.” Just days later Moore conceded in the runoff election for District Attorney to her opponent, social democrat Jose Garza. Moore has been a target of the people’s anger for her role in protecting Christopher Taylor, the officer who shot and killed Mike Ramos in April.