Los Angeles: Sheriff Involved in Police Murder Accused of Membership in Police Gang

By Felipe Vera

Los Angeles sheriff deputy Christopher Hernandez, who was present during the shooting of 18-year-old Andres Guardado in Gardena, California, has recently been accused by civil rights attorneys of being a member of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) gang the “3000 Boys.” Attorney Humberto Guizar, representing other civil rights attorneys, claims that the murder of Guardado was a deputy gang killing.

Hernandez pictured third from right

On July 10, attorney Guizar presented an undated picture of Hernandez and other sheriffs throwing up gang signs which are associated with the LASD gang, the 3000 Boys. The name “3000 Boys” was derived from the sheriffs who worked the third floor of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Men’s Central Jail, notorious for brutalizing inmates, including those that suffered from mental illnesses.

This wouldn’t be the first case of a police shooting connected to the 3000 Boys. In 2016, deputy Samuel Aldama and his partner Mizrain Orrego gunned down 31-year-old Black man Donta Taylor. Aldama, who worked at the Compton sheriff station and had gang tattoos which were associated with that police station, had formerly worked at the Men’s Central Jail on the third floor of the 3000 Boys.

The 3000 Boys are by no means the only police gang in Los Angeles. From the vicious white supremacist Lynwood Vikings, to the Banditos and the 2000 Boys, sheriffs and police officers have always formed gangs within their departments responsible for murdering, brutalizing, falsifying documents, and indiscriminately placing people into gang databases. Even for those who are not involved in a criminal organization, the police and sheriffs operate the same way, as a racist force brutalizing the community, and the affiliations only make their anti-social role clearer to everyone.