Investigation Exposes US Army Sergeant as Murderer of Garrett Foster

UPDATE 8/03: An eyewitness testifies to seeing Daniel Perry harassing mourners at the memorial a day after he shot and killed Garrett Foster.

UPDATE 7/31: Just hours after publication of this article which was the first (to our knowledge) to boldly accuse Daniel Perry as Garrett Foster’s murderer, Perry’s attorneys responded and published a statement here where they admit that Perry was indeed the man who shot Garrett. We have corrected the headline to reflect that Perry is not ex-military, but active military.

By Dmitri Sans

A Tribune of the People investigation has secured audio from the police dispatch made in response to the 911 call of Garrett Foster’s killer, now revealed to be US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, the night of the shooting, July 25. After shooting Garrett, the driver pulled over in front of the Line Hotel on Cesar Chavez between South Congress and Brazos. This recording, along with vehicle license reports, background checks, interviews with eyewitnesses, and online research, all point to Daniel Perry as the driver who barreled into the protest in Downtown Austin and the one who shot and murdered Garrett Foster.

“The person at Cesar Chavez, I can give you a shooter, he says someone pointed a gun at him so he shot him back, he should be in a vehicle with hazards on,” the dispatcher said.

The evidence uncovered paints the picture of a reactionary individual, one who was charged with assault in 2005 according to one report sent to the Tribune, has expressed malicious intent against protesters in the movement for Black Lives on social media and who confessed to being unstable and isolated in a personal blog. The extent of Perry’s hatred for what Garrett represented, a true hero and servant of the people, was exposed when he harassed those who had set up a vigil for Garrett, captured on camera (Watch eyewitness testimony). Perry is the opposite of Garrett. He is a danger to those around him and deserves all the anger that this report will provoke against him.

The dispatch references license plate number NFN9573, which matches multiple license plate records received by Tribune listing Daniel Perry as the registered owner of the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid that was seen by multiple eyewitnesses and photographed at the time of the shooting. This car is also tied to a Killeen TX address (1020 N Gilmer St. Apartment #54) which correlates to the address listed on a background check report of “Daniel S Perry.”

An eyewitness named Julian who was right behind Garrett before he was shot and got a clear view of the driver before the shooting happened, positively identified the Twitter profile picture of a “Daniel Perry” as Garrett’s killer. In response to a June 19 tweet from President Donald Trump threatening protesters that he expected to show up to his Oklahoma rally, this account had replied “Send them to Texas we will show them why we say don’t mess with Texas.”

“When the car drove into the crowd, I was standing literally right where it stopped,” Julian said. “I watched [the driver] roll down the window and pull out a silver revolver and fire directly at Garrett.”

When shown the profile picture, Julian responded, “Yes, that looks like the driver who was shooting there that night.”

Another eyewitness named Lucia also confirmed the shooter’s identity based on the profile picture of Daniel Perry. “I was standing two feet away from the car door,” she said. “I had a clear view of the window.”

After seeing the picture, Lucia said that the picture looked “extremely similar” to the profile of the driver.

On June 3, in another reply tweet, Perry goes into more detail about how to kill someone by shooting them. “Fuck that shit you shoot center of mass,” he writes. “1 it is a bigger target. 2 it still drops them. 3 even if you shoot them in the leg there is a major artery that will cause the person to bleed out in just a few minutes.” The Twitter account has since been taken down.

Perry also had an account on social website under username “knives0011,” where he shares photos of himself in military garb which match his Twitter profile picture. In his blog on the site, he shares in a post dated 7 years ago that he would be going to Texas soon, and in another post from the same year he talks about his military experience.

“I have been dumped while I was in Afghanistan and my own parents made it pretty clear that when I better stay in the army,” Perry writes. “because when I get out that is it they are not going to help me out and I am going to be living in the streets like [those] vets you see begging for your change addicted to drugs because that is there only way put of the pain that they feel. All in all I am fucked.”

The information from his online profiles demonstrates without a reasonable doubt that Perry intentionally and maliciously ran his car through the protest in order to injure/kill demonstrators and provoke a confrontation, ginned up by Donald Trump. The time that it took between driving into the protest and firing his weapon show that he was armed and ready for a confrontation and was not merely caught off-guard.

We invite our readers to send in any more information they have about Daniel Scott Perry so we can further expose him. It must be understood that Perry did not just shoot and kill Garrett, but he made an attack against anyone like him who was willing to defend themselves with arms in service of the people. Perry made an attack on the entire revolutionary movement, and he should face all the wrath the revolutionary movement can produce in response.

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