Solidarity Across the US in Defense of Austin’s Targeted Three and 14,000 Arrested Protesters

By David Martinez

Over the past week, Tribune of the People Support Committees and other supporters carried out a campaign of solidarity actions in defense of Austin’s Targeted Three, as well as for the 14,000 plus protesters arrested in the May uprisings and following months of protests.

Inspired and humbled by the overwhelming display of international solidarity from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, and many other countries for the targeted protesters in the US, Tribune of the People called for our supporters to make their own displays of solidarity, distribute articles on the Targeted Three and the uprisings, as well as fundraise for arrestees’ legal aid and financial support.

Austin’s Targeted Three are a special focus of the federal witch hunt to label protesters as ‘antifa’ based on no evidence. One of the Targeted Three is a Black mother who was doing nothing more than livestreaming during a protest outside of Target on May 31. The state’s charges are one of their futile attempts to intimidate protesters, who have been arrested in the 1000s for standing up for Black lives and against police brutality and continue to organize, protest, and rebel.


Supporters gathered at Republic Square in Downtown Austin, and were joined by other local groups who answered the call, including Peace in Austin, who marched to the meetup with a contingent chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Representatives of the groups present gave speeches and Tribune distributed information about the case. The action took to the streets soon after and marched towards the Travis County Courthouse.

San Antonio


Los Angeles

The LA Support Committee held a cultural event at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights where attendees were able to screen print their own t-shirts in support of the Targeted Three. Over $200 was raised from the t-shirt sales, which will go to financially support the Targeted Three and other arrestees.

Attendees created signs in English and Spanish, and the event ended with a solidarity statement and chants, including “Mass Rebellion is the Key we Must Defend the Targeted Three.”


Community members assembled outside the entrance of the local Target store location with banners and delivered a speech to shoppers as they distributed articles. The speaker declared the targeted arrests were, “part of a larger trend of the government cracking down on militant protests across the country. As the people are standing up, the government answers by arresting over 14,000 of them.”

“We send our full solidarity from Oxnard to Austin! We are bonded in struggle and will continue the fight in our own city, while upholding the story of those targeted in Austin.”

San Diego

The San Diego SC agitated and made speeches at a public transit stop with a banner and articles. Afterwards, the banner reading “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three” was put up on along a walkway.

Kansas City

The Kansas City SC held an informational discussion about the Targeted Three case and issued a video statement in support.

“People all over the nation and the world are striking back against the state’s attempt to crush them. […]The reactionary state seeks to make an example of them and put us back in our place. They want us all to remember how they can punish us for fighting back. But we know our place is on our feet.”




A banner was hung off a highway overpass and signs were placed along a major roadway with the slogan ‘Defend Austin’s Targeted Three.’ The SC also distributed articles to community members and made a public statement.

St. Louis

Articles were distributed at a transit hub where workers and riders expressed solidarity with the Targeted Three and other protesters.

Michiana (Northern Indiana)