Video: Eyewitness Confirms Perry Visited Garrett Foster Memorial After Shooting, Harassed Onlookers

By Mike Talavera

US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry visited the Garrett Foster memorial set up at the corner of 4th and Congress the day after Perry shot and killed Garrett, according to multiple eyewitnesses.

In the Tribune’s investigative report that exposed Perry as the driver who accelerated into the July 25 protest in downtown Austin and murdered Garrett, Perry’s Twitter profile picture was juxtaposed next to a picture of him harassing people at the memorial the next day. The protester who took that picture, Adam, who also goes by “Joker,” told the Tribune in an exclusive interview that Perry had threatened everyone present when he came by the memorial in the late afternoon on July 26.

“[Perry] said everyone should have gotten killed,” Adam said, “and that the next time Whitney [Garrett’s fiancé] is at one of the protests, that she’s going to get it next.”

Perry then said he was going to go back to his place and come back with his gun.

Perry’s lawyer Clint Broden said that Perry “absolutely was not there,” at the memorial when reached for comment. He claims that Perry has been on base since Garrett was murdered on July 25.