Week in Struggle: July 31-August 6


Women and students from the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) and Popular Student Revolutionary Movement (MEPR) demonstrated outside of the Federal University of Minas Gerais on July 28 calling for the immediate release of political prisoners in India, revolutionary poet Varavara Rao as well as Professor G.N. Saibaba. Students also called to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, the world’s greatest living communist who has been imprisoned since 1992.

Sanitation Committee for Popular Defense (CSDP) continue to be organized across Brazil, including in Campina Grande where the local committee has distributed protective masks, cleaning supplies, and pamphlets denouncing the negligence of the old state. The Campina Grande CSDP also recently joined other organizations in delivering food donations to peasants in the area. While Bolsonaro and the old Brazilian state terrorize the people rather than protect them, the masses organize themselves and show why they alone are capable of overcoming the threat of the pandemic and the neglect of bureaucratic capitalism.


At the end of July, revolutionaries put up graffiti observing of Martyr’s Week in India, with slogans like “Freedom for the Political Prisoners of India,” “Free GN Saibaba,” “Long Live Charu Mazumdar,” and Long Live the People’s Wars in India and Turkey.”


In Galicia, revolutionaries joined the call for releasing Indian political prisoners with a banner reading, “Freedom for Varavara Rao, GN Saibaba, and all Political Prisoners of India!” in front of graffiti honoring comrade Xosé Portela who succumbed to cancer earlier in July. Another photo shows activists carrying a sign reading, “Freedom for GN Saibaba and all Political Prisoners in India.”


Several TIKKO guerrilla fighters were memorialized this week in Yeni Demokrasi, including a moving tribute to Comrade Şerzan, a student and poet who had fought in the armed struggle against fascism in the region of Dersim for 10 years. Both memorials were signed by “A Partizan from Dersim.”

“On the day we left with the hope of reunion, we all sang in our hearts and languages ​​throughout the camp and said, ‘Let this be our song. Whenever we listen to this, let’s remember each other,’ there was the song ‘Militant Blue.’ Although we hope to see you again, we all knew that, as he says in the song, ‘Our life was a fine line between life and death.’ We continued to live in this fine line, turning our face towards what we will gain.”

Comrade Şerzan


In Wuppertal, hundreds marched to celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Engels in his hometown. The demonstration not only commemorated the great revolutionary thinker and close comrade of Karl Marx, but defended him against opportunists who have portrayed Engels as a harmless critic of capitalist society rather than a fierce fighter against it.

There were also numerous protests across Germany against the persecution of Turkish political prisoners for their alleged association with TKP/ML. Demonstrators also called for the release of political prisoners Varavara Rao, G.N. Saibaba, and Chairman Gonzalo.


A statement signed by the Maoist Committee of Finland was published this week, condemning the “TKP/ML Trial” in Germany where ten comrades were sentenced to time in prison for links to a “terrorist” organization. “Only Turkey, the fascist dictatorship governed by Erdogan, has officially named the TKP/ML as a ‘terrorist organization,” the statement reads. “Now Germany, the state which ostensibly has left behind its fascist past, which is the hegemonic imperialist in the ‘EU,’ has decided otherwise, and for this the court of Munich applied for – and so it received – approval for the sentences from as high as the justice ministry of Merkel’s regime.”

The statement argues that this attack targets more than just the 10 comrades, but the International Communist Movement itself.


This week the Jeunes Révolutionnaires of Saint-Etienne organized a graffiti action in solidarity with the campaign against the extradition of Liam Campbell, a former member of the Real Irish Republican Army who is being persecuted by the British and Lithuania states.


Anti-Imperialist Action organized a protest and distributed pamphlets in defense of a statue of Seán Russell, the military chief of the Irish Republican Army in the 1930s. The statue has recently come under opportunistic attacks, including from Fine Gael, an Irish political party that comes from the fascist paramilitary “Blueshirts” of the 1930s.

United States

In Los Angeles, a mural was painted dedicated to Garrett Foster, with his face, name, and a slogan reading, “Servant of the People, Defender of Black Lives.”

In Austin, graffiti reading, “Freedom for Saibaba, Varavra Rao, and All Political Prisoners in India! Down with Operation Green Hunt!” was seen in solidarity with the Week of Martyrs in India.

In Wilkinsburg, a working class suburb of Pittsburgh, activists agitated outside of a ‘free store’ owned by the Wilkinsburg Mayor Marita Garrett, carrying banners that read “Marita Garrett Protects Killer Cops,” and “Combat Police Terror.”