Repression and Resistance: Week in Protest August 7-13

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Austin, TX

Last weekend, police cracked down on the counter-protesters of a pro-police “Back The Blue” rally, suspending the democratic rights of the protesters while protecting reactionaries who harbored fascists in their ranks.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Salt Lake County District Attorney charged eight protesters in retaliation for vandalism against his office building during a July 9 protest, seven of whom have a gang enhancement which could mean life in prison.

Chicago, IL

Over 100 protesters were arrested during clashes with police Monday, and 13 officers were injured as people expropriated goods from local stores. In one instance, police were arresting a man carrying a cash register when a car drove by and opened fire. The uprising was in response to a police murder of an unarmed young man in Englewood last weekend. Class hatred for the police is strong in Chicago, where protesters ambushed police guarding a Christopher Columbus statue in July. Students also marched against police in schools this week. There are plans to shutdown major highways in the city this coming weekend.

Portland, OR

In a city that inspired solidarity protests last month, protesters have continued to rage against police, breaking into and setting fire at the local police union this past weekend. Protesters also barraged police with fireworks and other projectiles, injuring at least two. Several people were arrested, including activist Demetria Hester, the black woman who was assaulted by white supremacist, Jeremy Christian, in 2017. Christian went on to assault others, and killed two antiracists as they defended two young Black women.

Bend, OR

Protesters in central Oregon surrounded buses that held two ICE detainees for hours until federal officers were deployed to remove them. Officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and dragged the detainees out.

Louisville, KY

Louisville Police Department announced last weekend that they would ban protest caravans and marching in the street after months of protest demanding people’s justice for the police murder of Breonna Taylor. These fascist measures have not stopped the people from protesting, who have continued to take the streets this past week. “We won’t follow these rules,” said one protester.

Protesters take to the streets after police ban the act with “Wanted” flyers for the officer who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

Nashville, TN

This week the Tennessee State legislature passed a bill banning camping on state property in response to a protest for Black Lives that has occupied the Capitol Grounds for months. ““If [people] knowingly thumb their nose at authority and don’t do what authorities have requested they do,” said Lt. Governor Randy McNally, “they should be charged with a serious crime.” The night after the measure passed, 16 people were arrested.

New York City, NY

Police surrounded the apartment of a New York activist Derrick Ingram last Friday, wanting to arrest him for yelling into a police officer’s ear with a megaphone in June. Dozens of officers swarmed the area, shutting down streets as a police helicopter flew overhead. Ingram refused them entry without a warrant and spoke to his lawyers over Zoom as he streamed what was happening on Instagram. Police eventually left, but Ingram turned himself in the next day with his lawyers and over 100 supporters.

Tampa, FL

In a counter protest to a “Back the Blue” rally in Tampa, police targeted one black woman who was hospitalized after the attack. She received charges of battery and resisting arrest while recovering from her injuries.

Richmond, VA

A grand jury indicted a 22-year-old protester this week, charging her with assaulting an officer at a June demonstration. Also this week, KKK leader Harry H. Rogers was sentenced to 6 years in prison for driving into a protest for Black Lives in June.

Harry H. Rogers

Albuquerque, NM

The preliminary hearing for Steven Baca, who shot at protesters during a demonstration against a conquistador statue in June. “I’m still struggling with [Baca] to hold his shirt,” one witness said during the hearing. “He gets up and I began to get up as well. He begins to break free. I believe he shoots at me and misses, then he begins to shoot more and I begin to run away.”

Minneapolis, MN

Dozens of drivers slowed down traffic on I-94 between the Twin Cities this week in solidarity with the protests in Ethiopia, where over 9,000 have been arrested and hundreds have been killed in an uprising following the murder of Oromo activist and musician Hachalu Hundessa.

Milwaukee, WI

Protesters in Wauwatosa, just west of Milwaukee, marched on the home of the city’s mayor this week demanding that officer Joseph Mensah, who has shot and killed three people in the last five years, be fired. A few days prior, protesters had marched on Mensah’s home.


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