Week in Struggle: August 7-13


Several areas in the state of Rondônia, such as in the Southern region and in the capital Porto Velho, were witness to solidarity actions in support of Austin’s Targeted Three.


In Germany, a mural reading “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster” along with a picture of his face and to red flags with hammer and sickles was seen.


In soliciting donations for the community of Cerro Grande, in the municipality of San Francisco Ixhuatán, Oaxaca, Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo revealed that a community center had been built bearing the name of Luis Armando, also known as Comandante Gato. Luis Armando was assassinated by reactionary paramilitaries in April 2019 for his work organizing and mobilizing poor peasants and fishermen in the area in the democratic struggle.


In Olso, activists in the Struggle Committee participated in a demonstration against racism and in solidarity with Mapuche political prisoners in Chile carried a banner reading “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster.”

In Southern Norway, antifascists carried out three successful actions against the fascist ‘Stop Islamisation of Norway’ (SIAN) party. In Arendal, Kristiansand, and Farsund demonstrators confronted the fascists, in some cases drawing violent repression from the police. The antifascist demonstrators also took and destroyed SIAN propaganda and pelted them with eggs.


Anti Imperialist Action and Macradh- Irish Socialist Republican Youth Activists removed British Army and Union flags in the Occupied Six Counties in Northern Ireland and burned them in a rejection of British occupation. You can watch the full video here.

Activists also continued propagating the campaign against the extradition of Liam Campbell to Lithuania by raising a banner reading, “No Extradition of Liam Campbell” at the Lead Mines, Carrickgollogan, in the foothills of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

United States

In Kansas City, Missouri, graffiti reading “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster, Servant of the People” as well as election boycott graffiti reading, “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!” were seen and photographed.


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