Repression and Resistance: Week in Protest August 14-20

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Stone Mountain, GA

Last weekend at Stone Mountain State Park outside of Atlanta, where demonstrations have raged for months against the largest monument to white supremacy in the world, white supremacist groups faced off with counter-protesters. Multiple Confederate flags were taken from reactionaries and burned on the ground.

Minneapolis, MN

In the city where the police murdered George Floyd and sparked the May Uprisings, protesters attacked the 5th District police precinct in South Minneapolis, throwing projectiles and launching fireworks. One piece of graffiti spray painted on the building read “Blood on your hands.”

Portland, OR

In Portland last weekend, protesters hurled mortar fireworks and other projectiles at police outside of a sheriff’s office, injuring two officers. There were also two separate incidents of reactionaries in vehicles attacking protesters: one where gunshots were fired by Proud Boys at protesters and another where the driver crashed after veering towards protesters before being beaten by them.

Kalamazoo, MI

Proud Boys demonstrating in Michigan last weekend met resistance from local antifascists and other counter protesters, who clashed with the reactionaries. The right was notably better organized than the left in these skirmishes and did not suffer from ‘peace policing,’ but they were prevented from demonstrating without consequence. Police targeted one journalist, Samuel J. Robinson, during the brawls.

Seattle, WA

Protesters bombarded police with projectiles outside SoDo Headquarters last weekend, where six officers were injured and 18 protesters were arrested.

Chicago, IL

In Chicago last weekend, where outrage over a police murder of a young man had previously led to the expropriation of goods from one downtown area, protesters directed their hatred towards the police in the streets again, injuring 17.

Austin, TX

This week a group of doctors from Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas published a letter that said that the injuries they treated from less-lethal rounds used by police against protesters during the May Uprisings resembled injuries from regular bullets.

“I have been around the world and I have never seen beanbag injuries like this ever,” said Dr. Jayson Aydelotte, one of the authors.

Madison, WI

On Wednesday, law student Jesse Shackleford was taken into federal custody for refusing to testify at a grand jury. According to activists supporting him, he is currently in solitary confinement, and is thought to be the first grand jury resister held in contempt related to the May uprisings. He could potentially be held for the duration of the grand jury proceedings, which could last up to 16 months.

Shackleford issued a statement to his supporters on the outside:
“The feds and Madison police are facilitating a coercive, manipulative operation to quash this movement for black liberation. they are playing a game, as they always have. A brutal, disgusting game, where they steal away those raising their voices in dissent, torturing them, labeling them as felons, doing everything they can to quiet them.”

Activists have asked for letters, cards, and postcards be sent to support Jesse as he bravely stands up to the federal system’s notoriously anti-people grand jury system. More information can be found at


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