Week in Struggle: August 14-20


On August 14, anti-imperialist protesters in Vienna demonstrated against the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The action included many different activists and organizations who united on the basis of their shared hatred of US imperialism. There was also a banner which joined the call to Defend Austin’s Targeted Three.

There were also numerous actions carried out across Austria this week in solidarity with political prisoners in India, especially freedom for revolutionary poet Varavara Rao as well as Professor G.N. Saibaba.


On August 16, dozens of peasant families in Brazil, led by the revolutionary organization League of Poor Peasants (LCP), carried out a land seizure at the Nossa Senhora farm, a remnant of the old Santa Elina farm, marking the 25 year anniversary of the heroic Battle of Corumbiara, which took place on the same land.


Health workers scored a major victory this week in Ecuador through hard-fought struggle, forcing the government to pay a significant amount of unpaid wages. In a statement, the Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador (FDLP-EC) reiterated the slogan that “only with struggle are rights and freedoms conquered.”

“Nothing is going to fall from the sky,” the statement reads. “It is urgent to conquer rights in the midst of the growing and sustained struggle of peasants, workers and other exploited masses of the country.”


Last weekend, a second combative protest marched through the streets of Bremen demanding people’s justice for the police murder of a worker named Mohammed who lived in Gröpelingen.


Graffiti across France was seen this past week in solidarity with the Palestinian people and calling for the immediate release of political prisoner Georges Abdallah.

United States

In Austin, graffiti supporting the election boycott campaign was seen reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!”

Also in Austin, Popular Women’s Movement – Movimiento Femenino Popular agitated against US imperialism and military recruitment by dropping banners at an overpass reading, “US Imperialism Caused Vanessa Guillen’s Death and Oppresses Women Worldwide, Down with US Imperialism!” and “Stop Military Recruiting in our Schools and Communities!”