Oxnard: Community Protests Force Bakery to Cut Ties with Pedophile

By Serran Soledad

Two protests occurred outside of Oralia’s Bakery this week calling for the business to cut ties with local pedophile Robert Brown, proprietor of Alonzo’s Cheesecakes, which rents space from the bakery. The actions were among a string of protests held by survivors, the most recent and increasingly militant being lead by Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group.

Robert Brown

Victims young as 12 have come forward with testimonies of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse while under Brown’s employment. He would also pay them well-below minimum wage, as one survivor recalls being paid on average $40 for nearly 12 hours of work. Before the protests, Oralia’s Bakery, who receive $3,000 in rent from Brown, refused to end their relationship with him despite public outcry.

On Sunday around 20 survivors, community members, and activists from Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group stood off against the police, who showed up to protect Brown from People’s Justice. Protesters chanted “Cops protect pedophiles!” as police used batons to push them back while Brown fled to his car. Outnumbered, police eventually retreated as the crowd yelled “Fuck OPD” and “This is our community!”

Survivors of Brown’s abuse have seen only negligence and bullying from local investigators tasked with their cases, which comes as no surprise considering Oxnard Police Department’s own history of rape and pedophilia. “I’ve been on the side of defunding the police, but seeing this in action and in person has amplified what I already thought,” said a survivor named Kayla. “I realize now that police protect private property, not people.”

On Monday the second night of protests, Robert Brown was caught off guard and unable to leave, due to people surrounding the bakery’s front and rear entrance. Unlike the previous night, there seemed to be no visible police presence throughout the nearly two hour demonstration. Protesters slammed their fists against the windows and kicked the doors of Oralia’s telling him to come out and face them. Dozens of community members gathered in support.

Brown’s car, an Audi R7 well-known for speeding and picking up the young girls he employs, was a target of the people’s fury that night. As the $120,000 sports car sat behind Oralia’s, the word “Pedo” was spray painted on the side as community members pelted it with rocks and dirt before leaving the area.

A report was released following Monday’s action, claiming that protesters assaulted the daughter of Oralia’s as she was exiting the building. Undeterred, survivors and activists state firmly that these claims are false, and a poor attempt by the police to dampen the mass support gained in response to their militancy and demand for People’s Justice.

“All OxRevStudy has done is proved to me that there are people in this community who actually care and will fight with us and for us” said Kayla. “We’re gonna keep doing this until justice is served, wether its peoples justice or in the court system.”

Since Monday, Oralia’s Bakery have stopped selling “Alonzo’s Cheesecakes” and Brown has gone silent on social media. A 16-year-old survivor told Tribune “I think at first he took it as a joke, now he sees the reality of it. Him having to face what he did, he’s now scared, and he’s never had to face anything like this before.”