‘Drop the Charges’ National Day of Action

By Brian Martel

The national day of action on Tuesday for the Drop the Charges coalition saw solidarity from around the US in support of over 14,000 people facing charges from the May Uprisings. The coalition condemns ruling class attempts to divide ‘good protesters’ from ‘bad protesters’ in an effort to criminalize them, and therefore demands that the charges be dropped for every protester arrested over the course of the uprisings.


An estimated 60 people attended a rally in Austin where speeches were given promoting the Drop the Charges campaign. After the speakers, attendees marched first to the District Attorney’s office and then the County Attorney’s office, reading their demands in front of both buildings.


Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group gathered in front of Ventura County District Attorney Gregory D. Totten’s office to give a speech calling for the DA to drop the charges on a local youth named Kyle, who was arrested during the May Uprisings for protesting against the Oxnard Police Department.

“You refuse to prosecute killer cops yet you want to target and murder community members, including young working class people with life altering charges which will only serve to intimidate and stop protests,” said the speaker. “We demand you drop all charges against protesters!” The speech was concluded with a chant of “Protesting is not a crime!”

Eugene, Oregon

A banner was hung from a parking garage reading “Defend Austin’s Targeted 3, #DropTheCharges, No Bad Protesters, Only Bastard Cops.”

Medford, Oregon

A banner reading “Fight All Fascists (Some Wear Badges)” was hung above a highway by Southern Oregon Rising Tide.

Drop the Charges encourages supportive organizations and individuals to reach out to learn how to get involved at http://www.dropthecharges2020.org


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