Banking Heiress Donates Millions to NGO Counter-insurgency in Name of ‘Racial Justice’

By David Martinez

Susan Sandler, a prominent bourgeois banking heiress, has announced a $200 million donation to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), claiming the money will back the fight for “racial justice.” In reality, the donation is an act of the bourgeoisie’s low-intensity warfare against the current protest movement by diverting it into electoral politics and promoting the conciliatory tactics of the NGOs and other opportunists.

Banking Heiress Susan Sandler

The Susan Sandler fund will funnel money into NGOs in states such as Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Arizona, considered voting ‘battleground’ states or areas where the liberal bourgeoisie sees changing demographics as favoring the Democratic Party. Groups such as the Texas Organizing Project and New Florida Majority focus on voter registration efforts and backing reformist policy initiatives in an attempt to dress up imperialism.

The NGOs have also begun to focus on the general call to ‘defund the police,’ hoping that they can monopolize this trench, which already lends itself to reformist dead-ends. In addition, the organizations seek inroads into tenant organizing and other areas where they can dampen the revolutionary potential of the working class.

In July, imperialist financial magnate George Soros announced a similar donation of $220 million to groups such as the Black Voters Matter Fund and other non-profits. Soros is the target of many conspiracy theorists, who obscure the class nature of imperialism through esoteric myths that are often based in anti-semitism. The Sandlers are also Jewish, but this has nothing to do with their class loyalty which they share with all imperialists, whether they are at times in conflict or collusion.

Sandler is the daughter of Herbert and Marion Sandler, who made their fortune as the executives of Golden West Financial. Up until the 2000s, Golden West was the second largest savings and loan association in the US until it was bought by the now-defunct Wachovia in 2006. Through its manipulative lending practices, Golden West helped set the stage for the collapse in the housing market, which was the catalyst for the 2008 worldwide economic recession.

Imperialist bankers and the inheritors of their fortunes such as Susan Sandler have made trillions of dollars off of the movement of finance capital and the management of the superprofits amassed through imperialist exploitation, and distribute small portions of this among the people to convert some into their faithful servants. These opportunists are sent out to subdue the attempts of the proletariat to organize themselves as a class so that they may overthrow imperialist rule through socialist revolution.

The more liberal imperialists see propping up the electoral system as one of the primary means to legitimize their rule and sap revolutionary energy, and the NGOs Sandler is backing are heavily focused on this strategy. Revolutionaries oppose this bankrupt process with the election boycott.

The donations are not proof that the monopoly banking imperialists are on the side of the people in the fight against racism, nor are they proof of the outlandish conspiracies which other imperialists feed the people in order to move the state closer towards fascism. The donations are but another one of the last-ditch and futile efforts of a dying class to preserve its rule. The bribes of the liberal wing of the imperialists are only the flip-side of the fascists’ mortal threats. What both camps fear most are the rebellions and coming revolutions which they will be unable to drown in either money or blood.


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