Los Angeles: Two Sheriffs Shot in Ambush, Massive Manhunt Follows

Photo: Still from Surveillance footage of man shooting Sheriff’s Deputies in a parked police vehicle

By Felipe Vera

On Saturday September 12, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies were shot in an ambush by an armed individual in Compton. Over the past few days, agencies such as the FBI have become involved in the case, resulting in a massive manhunt for the gunman.

That evening, a man approached the sheriff’s vehicle outside of a Metro station, ambushing two deputies, shooting one in the jaw and another in the forehead. Although they were in critical condition, both survived. At the hospital, a small group of protesters gathered to agitate against the police. The police hysterically retaliated by arresting two of them, including a reporter who was on the scene.

The motivation behind the ambush is still unclear, but the state’s response to the act is illustrative. When the police and sheriffs gun the people down, they withhold footage, or even seize it and destroy cameras as they did in the case of Andres Guardado to protect the murderers. However when deputies are shot, the state immediately releases footage to prosecute those responsible.

Authorities have offered a massive $675,000 reward to entice informants. This is from the same sheriff’s office which gunned down 18-year-old Andres Guardado in June and Dijon Kizzee last month, both of whom were murdered execution style. Exhausting its bribes, manpower and resources, as well as receiving support from the FBI on the ground, they are still left scrambling to catch one individual.

Regardless of the motives of the person responsible for the ambush, one thing is clear: the police are not untouchable.


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