Philadelphia: Protesters Take Streets Against Trump’s Visit

By Robin Fontaine

Early Tuesday evening, ultra-reactionary US President Donald Trump visited Philadelphia to appeal to “undecided voters,” though his racist rhetoric revealed that he was mainly speaking to his largely reactionary base of support in the city.

When asked about police reforms, Trump said, “We have to be about law and order otherwise you’re going to see your cities burn. And that’s the way it is.” Pandering to the Fraternal Order of Police, he added, “If you’re going to stop crime, we have to give the respect back to the police that they deserve.” His law-and-order rhetoric and his demands for respect towards the police comes on the heels of months of violent repression against protesters across the country as they rise up against the rampant police violence towards Black people.

While Trump was answering pre-selected questions from ABC News at the Constitution Center in downtown Philadelphia, outside, a group of 500 protesters gathered to demonstrate against his presence in the city and his crimes against the people. Police surrounded the area and provided protection to a small group of reactionary pro-Trump supporters who hurled bigoted slurs and threats of violence towards the protesters.

The protest was initially organized by Refuse Fascism, an organization that is an offshoot of the “Revolutionary Communist” Party of the USA (RCP-USA), the revisionist and opportunist organization led by Bob Avakian. The RCP-USA claims to fight for revolution, but in practice distorts Marxist ideology and funnels the righteous anger of the people into more votes for the imperialist Democratic Party.

As the protest began a march towards City Hall starting on 5th St and Market St, Refuse Fascism made constant calls to vote on the Election Day. However, militant and revolutionary calls from protesters were made in support of the nationwide Election Boycott. Eventually, protesters broke away from the leadership of Refuse Fascism, which had been safely tailing behind police cars, and redirected the entire demonstration against police forces and away from the original course.

Furious at the growing militancy of the people, members of the RCP-USA approached the Tribune Support Committee and accused its supporters of being police officers who were “leading people into danger” by not following the lead of ‘Refuse Fascism.’ However, the masses involved in the protest, many of whom were Black youth, carried forth the militant energy and continued redirecting the protest away from its intended course, displaying courage in the face of the police who attempted to block their way.

‘Refuse Fascism’ then made a call to end the protest at a nearby park to uphold the illusion that they were still in control, but the people continued to march through the night, ending on their own terms, with chants of “One Solution, Revolution!” echoing until the end of the demonstration.


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