Turkey: Two Maoists Killed by Fascist State

By Ed Dalton

Erol Volkan İldem, also known as Comrade Nubar, a Central Committee member of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), and Fadime Çakıl, known as Comrade Rosa, a guerrilla fighter with the Workers and Peasants Army (TİKKO), fell to the fascist state on September 6 in Dersim, Turkey, part of occupied Kurdistan.

The operation, which claimed the lives of the two comrades, lasted for three days. The Turkish Army evacuated a village, using bombs, drones, warplanes, and chemical weapons in the attack. Comrade Nubar had been living in the guerrilla zone since 2009 as a political leader of the People’s War in Turkey, and Comrade Rosa as a combatant since 2013.

The Turkish state uses color codes to target revolutionaries and labeled Comrade Nubar “code red,” the highest priority. While the Old State has proclaimed victory over the guerrillas, the TKP/ML explained that the comrades have been immortalized in the class struggle and that while their loss must be observed internationally, it is but a “twist” in the road to revolution.

“Our party,” said the TKP/ML, “from the leadership level to its fighters, has declared its claim to take the power piece by piece with the People’s War at the establishment stage. Our leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya built our party with these warrior dynamics, formed his theory and pointed out the conditions of the communist party to survive in our country. This means an uninterrupted continuity in our party’s 48-year history of struggle.” They remark on their great sacrifice and say that, “Tens of cadres, hundreds of militants have been immortalized and ensured the continuity of this line.”

Honor and Glory to Comrade Nubar

Comrade Nubar was born in Istanbul, Turkey on September 29, 1982 to a working class family. As a child he grew up in organizations which supported the Maoists and became politicized at a very young age. He became distinguished due to his insights and militancy. He was known for his work as a student organizer in high school, and became a young Communist in the 2000’s. In 2001 he was arrested and tortured in prison for five days for his allegiance to the Party.

At only 19 years old, he showed his quality as a leader by leading attacks against the torturing prison guards in the notorious Turkish F-Type prisons. Comrade Nubar joined others in hunger strike against the conditions of the prisons, known as “death fasts,” and even while approaching death he never relented in the Communist spirit of study and struggle, reading many books during this time.

Upon being released from prison, Comrade Nubar struggled for recovery from the death fast, and as soon as health permitted he resumed his revolutionary activities and joined the Party in 2004 before being arrested again in 2006. He would serve three years during which he withstood torment with the upright posture of a Communist fighter.

Nubar was the delegate from the area known for the most guerrilla fighting, and he remained among the guerrillas representing their revolutionary line in the two-line struggles inside of TKP/ML against the right liquidationists, who sought to destroy the Party. His work is credited by the Party for keeping the right-wing from organizing and consolidating in the guerrilla zone of Dersim, an area of utmost importance to the People’s War.

Honor and Glory to Comrade Rosa

Comrade Rosa was born on March 5, 1996 in Alhan village of Dersim Mazgirt. Her life was intertwined with the guerrillas since childhood and she maintained strong support for the Party throughout her life. Like Comrade Nubar, Comrade Rosa had been a militant organizer in high school.

When joining the TİKKO in 2013, Comrade Rosa became its youngest member. It was then that she took on the name Rosa, to honor the German Communist and revolutionary leader Rosa Luxemburg. She was known for being an earnest fighter and having a deep knowledge of military matters, in her own words she strove to be a “Party worthy guerrilla.”

Comrade Rosa was both a Unit Commander, as well as part of the Women’s Commission of TKP/ML, upon her death she was a candidate for becoming a Party member, which was one of her life goals. Her brother had also become a martyr in 2016 to the Turkish state; showing the spirit of the guerrilla, Comrade Rosa only sharpened her class hatred for the enemy.


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