Brazil: URGENT! Military Police Cowardly Surround Tiago dos Santos Camp and Prevent Entry of Supplies

Editor’s Note: The following is a translation of a series of articles published by A Nova Democracia on the urgent need for awareness and solidarity with peasants of the Tiago do Santos Camp in the Rondonia region of Brazil, who are being blockaded by Military Police (MP). We urge our readers to help disseminate the situation and carry out acts of solidarity with the peasant resistance of Brazil against the old state.

By Taís Souza

Originally published October 8

Peasants at the Tiago dos Santos Camp, located in the region of Porto Velho, Rondônia, are denouncing the cowardly siege imposed by the Military Police (MP) right now. The peasants, organized through the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) of Rondonia and Western Amazonia, are being prevented from entering and leaving the camp by the MP, which is also preventing the entrance of supplies to the camp.

In a video released by the peasants themselves, women, mothers, and children of the camp denounce the police’s siege, demand milk and food, and say that since October 5 there is already a lack of milk for children.

According to the denunciations received by the AND editorial staff, the peasants say: “We are all very concerned here with the rights violations that can happen, murders, torture, humiliation and retaliation against innocent peasants.”

The siege has been occurring since lies were propagated by the bourgeois media monopoly, attributing the murder of a policeman to the camp, an accusation without any evidence to justify it. The death of the reserve lieutenant on the afternoon of October 3, dozens of kilometers away from the camp, triggered all the bloodlust of the Rondônia MP, who began to attack the peasants of Tiago dos Santos Camp and the Dois Amigos area in the district of União Bandeirantes, in Porto Velho. Shortly after the event, through social media, the fascist Jair Bolsonaro made an incitement against the LCP, publishing a video of the peasants in another area, in which policemen are expelled from the camp after trying to intimidate its families without a court order. On that occasion, the captain of the coup published: “I have my opinion, what is yours?”

In a note issued by the LCP, the movement states that the death of the policeman is the result of the settlement of scores among bands of military policemen, gunmen and grillage groups, and has nothing to do with poor peasants.

They also affirm that in Camp Tiago dos Santos there are more than 600 families, 2,000 men, women and children fighting for a public area of more than 57,000 hectares, criminally and illegally “grillaged” (i.e. invaded and then acquired through forged documents and fraudulent lawsuits), stolen and used by the landowner Antônio Martins dos Santos, known as the “Old Rooster”.

The League of Poor Peasants calls for all the voices of advocates of democracy and honest people, throughout Brazil, to stand up immediately and says: “All this chatter is to hide something very serious and justify a massacre! Long live the struggle for land! Land for those who live and work on it!”

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