Oxnard: High School Students Release First Issue of Anti-Imperialist Newsletter

By Serran Soledad

The cover of the first issue of Revolutionary Student News

In an effort to bring an anti-imperialist newsletter to high school students of Oxnard and the greater Ventura County, a group of youth from various campuses have come together to form Revolutionary Student News (RSN).

In its first issue, titled, Cops and Recruiters Off Our Schools, the newsletter features eleven pages of political analysis, artwork, poetry, and personal experiences of students who have dealt with campus police, and predatory military recruiters.

RSN’s opening statement reads, “Schools with a majority population of black and brown students of low income households are targeted by the pigs and military recruiters. We the youth are aware of these terrible injustices around us and are uniting in an effort to fight back. As we study and educate ourselves, we want to share what we learn with our peers through our art and our writing.”

As mass movements continue across the globe in response to racist police violence and widespread economic crisis, it is largely young people who are mobilizing, facing off with armed police and their reactionary support bases.

It comes as no surprise then, that militant working class youth in Oxnard have taken on the task of providing a revolutionary voice and perspective to their peers.

Students promoting their newsletter in the community.

“We want to mobilize the students politically through the paper,” says Iyika of RSN. “When the youth write it, other [young] people want to read about it. It makes it a lot more trustworthy this way, because sometimes it can be intimidating [coming from adults].”

RSN was initially founded after students that were enrolled in their high school newspaper team, grew tired of having their stories turned down by editors for being “too radical.”

Illustration by Felix, Revolutionary Student News

Flipping through the pages of their first issue, you’ll find an article titled SRO Alvaro Pulido Off Of Pacifica High School!, where a contributor talks of the harassment and targeting they’ve faced from the Student Resource Officer, for expressing anti-police sentiments.

The contributor goes on to explain another instance where his sister was molested on the school bus, yet when she contacted Officer Pulido, he was dismissive and accused her of lying. The segment ends with a call to action, “Let’s get this bastard off of campus and protect ourselves!”

Most school newspapers rarely give room for student contributors to voice criticisms of the administration or faculty, much less allow militant calls to combat those who have the potential to do actual harm against them like the police or the US military.

Illustration by Iyika, Revolutionary Student News

Despite facing such obstacles as censorship, and school-closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these Oxnard youth have united under an anti-imperialist line to formalize and release this revolutionary newsletter.

“I think it’s really good to do these things in practice, and not just read about it,” says Iyika. “We’ve done outreach at our high schools and it makes us feel good, cause we are going out into our community and distributing. Its important for the students to see the political theory in practice.”

Tribune of the people extends our solidarity and congratulations to the youth behind Revolutionary Student News! Download their first issue below:


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