Brazil: Sanitary Committee of Manoel Ribeiro Camp Conducts Covid-19 Tests in Camp Sites

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Comitê Sanitário do Acampamento Manoel Ribeiro faz testes de Covid-19 em acampados” from Resistência Camponesa newspaper.

From the first days of the seizure of the lands of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida latifundium, the peasants of the Manoel Ribeiro Camp formed their own Popular Sanitary Committee to guarantee health care and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus among the families within the encampment.

In this more than one month of occupation, the committee has intensively promoted information and preventative actions against the pandemic through the distribution of masks, alcohol gel, application of sanitary barriers in the access to the camp, prohibition of the entrance of people without masks and constant monitoring of the health conditions of family nuclei.

With its own well-identified shed, the Sanitary Committee has provided health care to families in need, avoiding the costly travel of peasants to the city, which is about 35km away.

Rapid Covid-19 tests donated by supporters have been applied to families that show some suspected symptom of infection by the novel coronavirus.

The members of the Sanitary Committee have also periodically visited all the homes, monitoring the families with temperature measurements and blood oxygenation.

In addition to combating Covid-19, the Health Committee has been monitoring the general health situation of the campers, providing first aid in cases of need. The most serious cases are promptly referred to the municipal health unit.

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