Turkey: Honor and Glory to Comrades Özgür and Asmin

By Ed Dalton

In the first week of October, the fascist Turkish state carried out drone bombings in the guerrilla zone of Dersim-Ovacık Büyükköy, which claimed the lives of two Maoist fighters in the People’s War: Dersim Regional Commander Özgür (Ali Kemal Yılmaz) of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) and Advanced Militant of the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TİKKO), Asmin (Gökçe Kurban).

The aerial assault which included the armed drones and helicopters shook the windows of houses all the way into the city’s center. The fascist state not only bragged about the slaying of the two Maoist fighters, but went so far as to behead their bodies. According to the TKP/ML, this barbaric method showcases the fear and panic of the enemy state by resorting to the terror methods of the jihadists, which are not new experiences for the Communist guerrillas.

The comrades of the TKP/ML issued the following message: “Take your soul, to call to account with the red bullets of the TKP/ML, to be more decided and determined for the victory of the People’s War, to transform the severed heads of our comrades into the consciousness of making them pay a heavy price. You should know that the severed heads will appear before you as more believers in the cause, focused on the war, locked in asking for an account.”

Comrade Özgür

Born in 1985 into a working class family from Sivas, at the age of 16, he joined the Marxist-Leninist Youth Union of Turkey (TMLGB) where he organized outstanding activity in his high school. At university, he focused on organizing in the Turkish Kurdistan Regional Committee before becoming a guerrilla in 2007. Showing the same skill and daring he exhibited in the youth movement, Comrade  Özgür rose fast as a guerrilla, becoming part of the Dersim Regional Command in 2011, and the Deputy Regional Commander. He would have entered the Party sooner, but the Dersim region had suspended recruitment to conduct the two-line struggle against the rightist liquidators in 2015.

Özgür’s Party membership was approved after the rightist liquidators fled Dersim to Rojava, where they tailed behind bourgeois forces. Comrade Özgür took up active participation in the struggles against the right liquidation renegades, even criticizing his Party for not taking a harsher stance against them sooner.

TKP/ML memorialized the fallen comrade: “Comrade Özgür was determined to fight as well as willing to solve problems. He never refrained from taking responsibility in the Guerrilla War. However, his most prominent characteristic in the guerrilla field was raising the guerrilla’s morale and making them more closely tied to the fight and the Party in the worst conditions. Where he was, there was no despair. Where he was, there was a solid and close relationship with the masses. Where he was, there was the unwavering of his comrades and an endless trust.”

Comrade Asmin

Born in 1997 in Dersim Pertek, she was introduced to revolutionary ideas at a young age in high school where she was organized into Communist youth activity. Motivated by love for the people, specifically women and children, she became a fierce fighter in youth activism. Her best friend, Comrade Rosa of the TIKKO, who was murdered by the Turkish state last month, led her to join the People’s War as a guerrilla fighter. The two close comrades had made a vow to be “like the morning sun so that no one woke up to the darkness.”

The TKP/ML memorialized her with the following words: “Comrade Asmin welcomed a difficult process for our Party at a young age without hesitation. Neither the despair that the right-wing liquidator escapism tried to create, nor the intense operations of the enemy, nor the losses experienced could bring her down. She became a young, dynamic fighter of our survival war and a militant who protected her party like a pupil.”

The heavy losses with the deaths of these comrades does not deter or discourage the revolutionaries of Turkey, who raise their voices louder than ever when they proclaim, “We will insist on the line of People’s War stronger and more determined, better equipped and more persistent.”

Tribune of the People expresses its deepest regards for the fallen fighters of the glorious People’s War in Turkey. We call upon our readers and supporters to observe the sacrifice and honor the lives of Comrades Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, and Asmin by taking up acts of solidarity on October 10th..  

Honor and glory to Comrade Özgür!

Honor and glory to Comrade Asmin!



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