Workers Voice: “You low class…you’re still part of their slavery”

A resident of St. Louis staying with family in the Gravois Park area spoke to Tribune of the People about why he wasn’t going to vote in this year’s election. He said the, “government is for the government” not for the “low class people.”

“We ain’t nothin’ but the bottom of the food chain,” he added, “That’s all we is, we ain’t nothin’ but bait. We ain’t nothin’ but crash dummies.”

Explaining that it isn’t just a matter of race, he said, “We all gettin’ slaved, no matter if you’re black, purple or green. You low class, you slaved. You’re still bein’ slaved. You’re still part of their slavery. You’re still part of their property.”

Despite the ruling class’s exploitation of the people, the man asserted that everyone still “belongs to somebody” in a communal sense, not an exploitative one.

He also spoke of how it’s hard to trust the police, because they kill Black people simply for pulling their wallet out of their pocket to show their IDs. “The government don’t got no say so over they hounds. They’re dogs that got loose.”


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