Austin: Tribune Support Committee Rouses Audience with Election Boycott Presentation

By Dmitri Sans

This Monday, the audience of a Tribune of the People Support Committee presentation chanted, “Elections No! Revolutions Yes!” with enthusiasm after learning about the election boycott campaign. The lecture exposed how the ruling class dominates the outcome of elections and how voting legitimizes US imperialism. The speaker called on attendees to stop falling for the electoral farce and start fighting for power.

“Everyone here needs to cast away the illusion that voting serves our class interests,” the speaker said. “What do we have to lose by boycotting the election?”

“Nothing!” the crowd responded. “We have a world to win!” the speaker said.

The presentation also showed how opportunists and revisionists betrayed their subservience to US imperialism by their participation in the elections. It was illustrated how the campaign of Bernie Sanders, the candidate backed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), was never about revolution and all about mobilizing more votes for the bourgeois Democratic Party, especially among young people and activists. Three quarters of Sanders supporters ended up voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and the same proportion are likely to be tricked into voting for Joe Biden this year.

The rising threat of fascism was also highlighted, and it was pointed out that groups like Patriot Front are recruiting among those who are disillusioned or disinterested in electoral politics while the majority of the left clings to elections and caters to the highest paid strata of the working class.

“I say enough with that dead-end strategy!” the speaker said. “Let’s go among the people who don’t vote who are the most oppressed and exploited. Let’s learn from them and teach them! The opportunists can keep their wine-and-dine fundraisers and fancy conferences. To hell with the sell outs!”

Many of the attendees already did not plan on voting before the presentation (in line with the majority of working people), but afterwards several told the Tribune that they better understood why it was important to go beyond abstaining and actively support the election boycott.

“The main purpose is to politicize the masses who already don’t vote for a lot of really legitimate reasons,” one woman said. “That was my main takeaway.”

The speaker concluded by asking everyone to join the election boycott campaign. Every week, he explained, members of the Austin Tribune Support Committee soapbox on buses, at laundromats, and other public places to rally the people around the boycott. They distribute hundreds of articles exposing the electoral farce and calling for the working class to organize itself to lead the masses to conquer power.


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